Joel Embiid MVP Press Conference

Joel Embiid 2022-23 Kia NBA MVP Press Conference

On Tuesday night, Joel Embiid was named the 2022-23 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player for the first time in his career. The six-time All-Star center for the Philadelphia 76ers accepted his award and spoke to media this morning.

Joel Embiid on winning his first MVP:

“It’s amazing. It’s something that I’ve dreamt of and I’ve always wanted. This is just one step to whatever I want to accomplish, which is to win championships. It felt pretty good.”

Joel Embiid on his journey to MVP:

“I’ve always said it - I feel like my life is a movie. I started playing basketball at 15. The whole goal when I got a chance to come to the US was to get a degree, and get a job.”

Joel Embiid on his “improbable” journey:

“I’ve always felt like I was a role model, especially to my African people and my Cameroonian people. Improbable doesn’t mean impossible. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, as long as you believe in it.”

Joel Embiid on the journey ahead:

“The story’s not over. There’s baby steps to get to where you want.”

Joel Embiid on what the MVP award really means to him:

“I don’t want to win this award because it’s the MVP. I want to win it because it means a lot to me. I went through a lot. It’s a validation that everything you went through is paying off.”

Joel Embiid on James Harden, who he says has helped him to be a better player and teammate:

“James - I don’t even know where to start. He’s given up a lot. I’ve always said it - he’s the best playmaker I’ve ever played with, and he’s the best playmaker, probably, in the NBA.”