Jordan Hawkins #24 of the New Orleans Pelicans celebrates a made three-pointer during the game at Sacramento on Jan. 7.

Know Your Pelicans: Most pennywise teammate

Three players received multiple mentions, including some from themselves

Some might generously describe the trait as “thrifty” or “economical” or “frugal,” while others may use more derogatory terms such as “miserly” or “cheap.” Regardless of how you’d term it, Pelicans.com needed to find out which New Orleans player is the most reluctant to spend their hard-earned money, so we asked the group a simple question, “Who’s your slowest teammate to reach for the check at dinner?” All of the responses are below, resulting in a deadlock among three players (perhaps not surprisingly, all three are still at an early stage in their NBA careers).

Dyson Daniels: “Me. I’m not paying for the check. I don’t have the money that some of the other boys (on the roster) have, so they got me.” [smiles]

Jordan Hawkins: “Me.”

Brandon Ingram: “Jose, because he doesn’t think he makes enough money (to justify paying, compared to some teammates).”

Herb Jones: “Me. I wouldn’t say I’m holding out (to reach for the bill); I’m just giving everyone else the opportunity first.”

Kira Lewis Jr.: “I’m going to go with Jordan Hawkins, as a rookie.”

E.J. Liddell: “I have to say myself, because I don’t have as much money as those guys (teammates).”

Naji Marshall: “I’m going to give that to E.J. Liddell.”

Trey Murphy: “Can I plead the Fifth on this one? I don’t want to make my teammates look bad. Probably Jose. Herb’s got his new (contract), so he’s not as cheap anymore. It would’ve been him before (that).”

Jonas Valanciunas: “Trey. We don’t let rookies pay.”

TOTAL “VOTES”: Jose Alvarado 2, Jordan Hawkins 2, E.J. Liddell 2, Dyson Daniels 1, Herb Jones 1, Trey Murphy 1.