Herb Jones #5 of the New Orleans Pelicans smiles during a practice.

Know Your Pelicans: Road-trip recluse

Last month, Pelicans.com detailed which New Orleans players were mentioned most frequently as enjoyers of other NBA cities during road trips, with center Jonas Valanciunas and guard Jose Alvarado each garnering a pair of nods. What about the opposite end of the spectrum? Who are the Pelicans players most likely to not venture out and traverse other North American cities? To find out, New Orleans players were asked a simple question, “Who most often decides to stay in their hotel room on road trips to focus on basketball among your Pelicans teammates?” A certain third-year wing who loves to play defense and hails from Alabama ended up lapping the field. Here were all of the responses:

Brandon Ingram: “Myself. It’s probably neck-and-neck between me and Herb. I watch a lot of old highlights on YouTube, all of the old players.”

Herb Jones: [smiles] “Me.”

Kira Lewis Jr.: “Herb.”

E.J. Liddell: “Me. I don’t like going out places. I play video games, watch basketball and sleep. That’s my schedule.”

Naji Marshall: “Larry, CJ, Valanciunas, BI, Herb.”

Trey Murphy: “Probably me. I just stay in my room, call my mom, call my dad, talk to my grandma. I don’t do anything, I just stay in the crib, drink my milk.” [smiles]

Larry Nance Jr.:“Herb.”

Jonas Valanciunas: “Herb Jones, for sure! No doubt.”

TOTAL “VOTES”: Herb Jones 6, Brandon Ingram 2, E.J. Liddell 1, CJ McCollum 1, Trey Murphy 1, Larry Nance Jr. 1, Jonas Valanciunas 1.