NBA All-Star G League All-Star Game

The G League's best talent took center stage to show the world what they could do.

NBA G League All-Star Game

(Editor’s note: The G League All-Star Game was replaced with the G League International Challenge in 2018)

2019: FC Bayern Munich 93, NBA G League Elite 84

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

2018: NBA G League USA 88, Mexico National Team 67

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

2017: East 105, West 100

Location: New Orleans, LA

MVP: Quinn Cook, Canton

2016: East 128, West 124

Location: Toronto, Ont.

MVP: Jimmer Fredette, Westchester

2015: Futures 129, Prospects 94

Location: New York, N.Y.

MVP: Andre Emmett, Fort Wayne

2014: Prospects 145, Futures 142

Location: New Orleans, La.

MVP: Robert Covington, Rio Grand Valley

2013: Prospects 139, Futures 125

Location: Houston, Texas

MVP: Travis Leslie, Iowa

2012: West 135, East 132

Location: Orlando, Fla.

MVP: Gerald Green, Los Angeles

2011: East 115, West 108

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

MVP: Courtney Sims, Iowa

2010: West 98, East 81

Location: Dallas, Texas

MVP: Brian Butch, Bakersfield

2009: Red 113, Blue 103

Location: Phoenix, Ariz.

MVP: Blake Ahearn, Dakota; Courtney Sims, Idaho

2008: Blue 117, Red 99

Location: New Orleans, La.

MVP: Jeremy Richardson, Fort Wayne

2007: East 114, West 100

Location: Las Vegas, Nev.

MVP: Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Fort Worth