Kings Q&A: Derrick Williams

by Jason Wise
Director, Digital

Before Sacramento hosts D-Will’s former team, No. 13 discusses his goals for the remainder of the season, life in Sacramento and more.

How would you characterize your time in a Kings uniform?

“It’s good. I know it doesn’t show in the win column, but just time and minutes together really make a difference. We have the rest of the season to gel more and we have two more guys now. So it’s hard when you don’t have a training camp and you have six new players joining the team within months of each other. It is a little difficult, but overall it’s good.”

How would you describe your transition to Sacramento?

“It’s good! I finally moved into my house a few weeks ago. When you get traded on the spot, you have 48 hours and then you start playing. So the first week was really hectic, but since then it’s been good.”

How are you working to improve the consistency of your game?

“Staying after practice and working out with the other younger guys. We’re always trying to get extra work in, and to be the last ones to leave.”

How would you characterize the coaching staff?

“They’re great! Different coaches have different philosophies, and theirs really fits me. I’m just trying to learn and gain experience with these players, as well. They want us to get better. They’re always out here before and after practice to help us do that.”

What’s your favorite thing about Sacramento?

“I really like to fish and I love going to the river. Coming from Minnesota, I like having the sun. There are more things to do here than being in the snow and inside all day. Also, the fans are great!”

Having participated in the Dunk Contest your rookie season, did you share any advice with Ben McLemore?

“When I did it, the format was a little different. I think we each had three dunks and there were only four contestants. I felt like I wasn’t much help because the format was so different and he only got to dunk once. He really didn’t get to showcase all of his talent, so that was a little difficult, but I worked with him the best I could and gave him advice on what the judges are looking for.”

How would you describe the aftermath of your missed dunk attempt against the Bulls?

“That was bad for about a day. If I had the chance to do it again, I would definitely do it differently! You know it’s bad when your mom calls you… She was just joking around, but I think it’s obvious that I misjudged the catch.”

Who is the funniest guy on the team?

“Travis! He has the driest sense of humor – It’s great.”

Looking ahead, what are your team and personal goals for the remainder of the season?

“I think we all have a goal in mind to finish the season strong, as a team. We all want to play more team ball and have more ball movement in our game. I think my individual goals are in line with the team goals: to be a competitor and try to finish strong.”

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