Team Contact Information

Golden 1 Center | 500 David J Stern Walk | Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 888-91-KINGS

Business Executive Team

Matina Kolokotronis
Chief Operating Officer

John Rinehart
President, Business Operations

Tom Hunt
EVP, Business Operations

Becky Beland McNaught
SVP, Communications and External Affairs

Jeff Dorso
SVP and General Council

Alex Rodrigo
SVP and General Manager

Stacy Wegzyn
SVP, Human Resources

Business Operations

Aran Rush
VP, Arena Operations

James Rasmussen
VP, Arena Programming

Ryan Brijs
VP, Brand & Creative

Kari Ida
VP, Communications and Public Relations

Stacey Koehler
VP & Corporate Controller

Mike Herrera
VP, Corporate Partnership Sales & Service

Andrew Nicholson
VP, Digital & Content

Kindra Montgomery-Block
VP, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact

Maurice Brazelton
VP, Entertainment

Maritza Davis
VP, Experiences & Social Responsibility

Ryan Spillers
VP, Marketing

Timothy Lea
VP, Security Operations

Eric King
VP, Technology Operations

Jeff Risley
VP, Ticket Operations

Justin Petkus
VP, Ticket Sales & Membership Services

Jason Wise
Sr. Director, Digital, Content & eSports

Nicole Loscavio
Sr. Director, Partnership Marketing & Business Development

Kim Allen
Director, Arena Marketing

Eric Thorpe
Director, Arena Operations

Brian Hilton
Director, A/V & Broadcast

Jozee Perrelli
Director, Box Office Operations

Colin Warner
Director, Business Intelligence

Will Tullos
Director, Creative Services

Catie Thompson
Director, Event Management

Karl Crudup
Director, Event Sales & Production

Michael Ramos
Director, Groups & Hospitality

Angela Walters
Director, Guest Experience

Nichole Amberg
Director, Interactive Design & Strategy

Noel Domine
Director, IT

Allison Chandler
Director, Marketing & Advertising

Kelsey Kauffroath
Director, Marketing & Fan Engagement

Shannon Malone
Director, Media Relations

Matthew Johnson
Director, Membership Sales & Sales Enablement

Nick Cooper
Director, Membership Services & Retention

Andrew Garcia
Director, Premium Sales

Kamilah Johnson
Director, Retail Merchandise

Katie Nicholson
Director, Social Responsibility

Meryl Balalis
Director and Sr. Associate Counsel

Halle Carolo
Director, Talent & Engagement

Christina Vasquez
Director, Ticket Operations

Basketball Executive Team

Monte McNair
General Manager

Wes Wilcox
Assistant General Manager

Alvin Gentry
VP, Basketball Engagement

Phil Jabour
VP, Player Personnel

Paul Johnson
VP, Player Development & Stockton Kings General Manager

Basketball Operations

Mike Brown
Head Coach

Jordi Fernandez
Associate Head Coach

Jay Triano
Assistant Coach

Luke Loucks
Assistant Coach

Doug Christie
Assistant Coach

Leandro Barbosa
Assistant Coach

Dutch Gaitley
Assistant Coach/Director of Player Development

Lindsey Harding
Assistant Coach/Player Development

Deividas Dulkys
Player Development Coach

Jas Randhawa
Sr. Director, Athlete Health

Mark Toyoda
Sr. Director, Basketball Administration

Robbie Lemons
Sr. Director, Coaching Analytics and Strategy

Melanie Stocking
Sr. Director, Team Operations

Colin Montague
Director, Basketball Analytics

Sagaar Sarin
Director, Pro Personnel

Cory Kennedy
Director, Performance

Greg Stratton
Director, Scouting

Penny Chatzis
Director, Team Player Development

Shawn Rogers
Director, Team Security

Mark Blea
Asst. Director, Team Security

Miguel Lopez
Equipment Manager

Joel Noland
Head Athletic Trainer

Zac Howe
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brian Mizner
Sports Performance Chef

Rachel Mack
Performance Chef & Nutritionist