Kings Q&A: Quincy Acy

by Katie Cracchiolo
Digital Specialist

The new Kings forward reflects on his first month with the team, discusses his friendship with Aaron Gray and shares insight into the December trade that brought him to Sacramento.

How would you characterize your first month with the Sacramento Kings?

“It’s been great so far. We’re just trying to figure each other out and play the best we can.”

Do you think the transition was made easier being traded with two teammates?

“It was much better coming here with Aaron and Rudy. I was just surprised and didn’t really know what to think when I heard about (the trade). Aaron really took me under his wing and told me that it doesn’t mean I’m a bad player, just that it’s all a business. He told me to look at it as a new opportunity to get better. He was nice to me right off the bat when I joined Toronto and has really just been there for me and been someone to look up to. We have a really good relationship.“

What are ways in which you can personally help the Kings improve?

“To just bring a lot of energy off the bench. Get everybody in the game and focused on what we are doing and try my best.”

What have been your impressions of DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas?

“I played with Isaiah in high school, so it’s great to be playing with him again. He’s just all around a good guy. DeMarcus is a tank. He’s a great player and he’s unselfish, (which) makes it really great to play with him.”

How would you describe the reception you’ve received from the Sacramento fanbase?

“The fans are great. They’ve been super supportive of us and really bring a great energy to the arena.”

Looking ahead, what are the expectations you have for yourself and the team the remainder of the season?

“To just play hard and keep improving after every game.”

What hobbies do you have outside of playing basketball?

“I like to fish.”

What’s your favorite restaurant in Sacramento?

“Sapporo Grill. It’s a great little sushi place.”

Fans have suggested nicknames for you, including: ‘Acy/DC,’ ‘The Baylor Beard’ and ‘Quincadilla.’ What’s your favorite and did you have a nickname growing up?

“I didn’t really have one nickname. Some people would call me Q, or Q-Acy, sometimes Q-dog, but nothing ever official. Quincadilla – that’s funny.”