Kings Q&A: Rudy Gay

by Katie Cracchiolo
Digital Specialist

The Kings star forward dishes on his new teammates, transitioning to life in Sacramento and goals for the remainder of the season..

How would you characterize your first month with the Sacramento Kings?

“I’ve just been trying to adjust, and it’s been a little up and down, but I’m still happy to be here.”

Was the transition made easier being traded with two teammates?

“It was a lot easier having not only two teammates, but two guys who were close to me in Toronto. Having them with me made it a lot easier."

What kind of adjustments have you had to make since joining the team?

“The time difference! That’s the biggest one. The time difference, and there’s no traffic. Well, not nearly as much as Toronto.”

What are ways in which you can personally contribute to this team?

“People pretty much know what I can do – bring leadership, scoring and all those things I’ve been doing my whole career.”

What have been your impressions so far of DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas?

“They’re both really good. They’ve been playing together for a long time and they know each other inside and outside the game. You can tell they’ve been together their whole careers.”

What are your impressions of the coaching staff?

“They’re very helpful, very wise and a hard-working group of guys.”

What do you think the team needs to focus on to continue to win games this season?

“It’s simple – we need to be more consistent.”

How would you describe the reception you’ve received from Kings fans?

“It’s been good. We have a great fanbase.”

Have you been able to adjust to living in Sacramento since the trade?

“It was the easiest part! In Toronto everything was so little. This being a big city, there’s so much more space, and I need that. I’m a big guy.”

What do you think of ‘The Great Rudini’ as your nickname?

“The Great Rudini? I like it, it’s cool.”

Looking ahead, what are your expectations for the remainder of the season?

“I just want to get this team going down the right path. I want us to grow as a team, bring these young guys a little more experience, and really try to be able to help them become better basketball players and better men.”


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