Infographic: Draft Lottery History of the 4th Spot

by Bill Lea

By Matt Sanchez

May 20.

For most of the world, this Tuesday in May is just another day on the calendar. It’s just a random weekday in which the most important decision will be what to eat for lunch. It’s nothing special, and it even falls on the most neglected day of the week—nobody cares about Tuesday.

Oh, but for NBA fans this is a day that we’ve been waiting for. It’s been circled and highlighted in bright colors since we bought our calendars for 75% off.

It’s the draft lottery. Perhaps the most important event on the NBA agenda all year long. The bounce of ping-pong balls can shape and alter the course of a franchise like nothing else can. It will undoubtedly leave fans crying tears of euphoria or heartache.

What if the Vancouver Grizzlies would have won the coveted rights to Tim Duncan in 1997? Would we have a four-time champion residing in Canada? They did have the best odds, after all.

That’s what so great about the lottery … anyone can win it.

How often does the team with the best odds actually go home with top prize? And, more importantly for Jazz fans, how often does the team slotted in the fourth position move up? Or down?

These are questions you’re definitely interested in knowing the answers to. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and created the go-to infographic for Jazz fans.

It’s not always pretty, and the numbers won’t lie. It’s true that the teams slotted into the fourth position going into the lottery have ended up with the fifth pick more than any other. But moving up into the top three is a common occurrence.

Have a look and get your lucky rabbit’s foot ready!

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Infographic: Draft Lottery History of the 4th Spot

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