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Jump into the Jazz XR Locker Room, a virtual space designed for real fans. Link up with your fellow fans and explore the Locker Room in your own unique avatar.

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How Do I Get The JazzXR?

Crypto Wallet


CoinZoom will help make this process seamless. Wallets are used to send, receive, and store digital assets like Ether. They are either built into your browser, an extension added to your browser, or even an app on your phone.

Crypto Cart


Thanks to our partnership with CoinZoom, you can collect your NFT to your wallet. After collecting, not only have an epic piece of digital artwork, your NFT acts as an access token!

Virtual Reality


Our virtual locker room is accessible on desktop and mobile. For the most immersive viewing experience, consider following along on a computer or VR headset.

How to Buy an NFT on the CoinZoom NFT Marketplace

Here's a guide to help you get started purchasing NFTs from the CoinZoom NFT Marketplace. You must be logged in to your verified and funded CoinZoom account to make a purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is XR?

XR, or experiential reality, is a term used to describe immersive virtual experiences. Augmented Reality applications like Instagram filters, VR experiences, and mixed reality experiences like most online video games all fall within the category of “XR.” With JAZZXR, we're bringing your favorite Jazz icons right to you, wherever you are.

Q: What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible-Tokens (or NFTs) are virtual tradable items paired with “smart contracts” that can be sold and exchanged primarily on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs can be paired with real-world assets (such as art, fashion, music, access, etc.) or exist as purely digital entities. Similar to buying “valuable” or “rare” virtual assets in a video game or collecting rare basketball cards, NFTs are sold in a secondary market based on their virality and perceived value.

Q: Can I buy an NFT with my debit or credit card?

Yes! Thanks to our partnership with CoinZoom, you can purchase your NFT on their site with your preferred bank card while signing up for a wallet all in one series of simple steps. Then, you just will need your passport or a form of ID along with your preferred payment method, and you will be good to go! Find the “buy with card option” when clicking on your profile on the top right-hand corner of the Rarible website.

Q: How can I be first in line?

If you'd like to ensure that you're one of the first to buy, head over to CoinZoom and set up your wallet in advance.

Q: Where does my NFT go when I buy it?

If you set up a wallet through CoinZoom, you'll be able to find your NFT in your CoinZoom wallet viewable on your CoinZoom “profile” page. If you set up a separate wallet, such as Metamask, your NFT will be automatically added to your wallet upon purchase. Then, go to an aggregator site such as CoinZoom, Rarible or OpenSea and log in using your wallet to view your NFTs!

Q: Are NFTs bad for the environment?

Put simply, no. There is a lot of false information being circulated about NFTs wasting energy; however, they have yet to be properly compared to any other industry. Millions of dollars are traded via cryptocurrency every day. Unlike traditional financial structures, these transactions are done by computers instead of people. Computers require energy to process transactions on the Ethereum blockchain through a system called Proof of Work.

Every time a transaction is validated, “proof” of energy being spent is recorded, and the computer that processed the transaction is rewarded with a small fee (your gas fee). When compared to any traditional means of processing money, this is a highly efficient system. Without going into technicalities, think of how much energy your bank digests daily. With thousands of employees driving to work, hundreds of buildings filled with lights and computers that stay on all day, and executives travelling on planes worldwide.

Q: What is the metaverse?

The metaverse refers to a virtual reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users in real-time. It is often depicted as an immersive, interconnected, and shared digital universe.

Q: What can you do in the metaverse?

In the metaverse, users can engage in various activities such as socializing with others, attending virtual events, exploring virtual worlds, playing games, creating and trading digital assets, learning, and much more. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Q: Is the metaverse only accessible through virtual reality?

No, the metaverse can be accessed through multiple devices and interfaces, including virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Different entry points cater to various user preferences and technological capabilities.

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Jazz XR Cub Club

Baby Bear

Meet the adorable baby bear of the Jazz XR Cub Club. Join the club and unlock all new ways to enjoy The Jazz.

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Jazz XR

Tier 1

Join your favorite Utah Jazz icons in a state-of-the-art virtual locker room designed by world renoun NFT artist Krista Kim.

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Jazz XR

Tier 2

Join your favorite Utah Jazz icons in a state-of-the-art virtual locker room designed by world renoun NFT artist Krista Kim.

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