Inside The HEAT: Caleb Martin

On this edition of “Inside the HEAT- Caleb Martin” get to know the up-and-coming forward and his journey to the Miami HEAT. Hosted by Eric Reid, we will meet some of the influential people in Caleb’s life including former coaches, family, and his twin brother, Cody. We spend some time diving into Caleb’s early life that started with various sports in North Carolina. Learn all about how Caleb and Cody were on every single sports team together and how they grew as players, especially on the basketball court. Their high school and college careers were spent together and the “Martin” name was becoming known. Caleb’s journey continued as he spent his first two season in Charlotte on a two-way contract, learning about the game on the highest level. It was in 2021 that Caleb made his way to Miami and it would be the first time in his career that he would be on a different team than his twin brother. We spend some time discussing how Caleb has made a name for himself in Miami and is a consistent piece on this HEAT team; leading to a standard NBA contract in 2022. Learn about all this and more on “Inside the HEAT- Caleb Martin”.

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