Zach LaVine Hopes to Make History at All-Star Weekend

Dunk you very much, but if Zach LaVine has his way he'd like to make some history during the All-Star weekend in Chicago next month.

He'd like to show the basketball world his unique versatility by becoming the first NBA player ever to win both the slam dunk and three-point shooting contests. LaVine, of course, won back to back slam dunk contests in 2015 and 2016 before his anterior cruciate knee injury.

"I don't think anyone has won a dunk contest and a three-point contest, so I'll try that one out. I would love to," LaVine said before the Bulls faced the Mavericks. "I would love to go out there and do that and I think I'll show them in past years what I was known for before just being a dunker is out the window. To win a three-point contest, I think, would be historic."

There's been sentiment from the NBA to see someone from the Bulls participate in the All-Star weekend events. LaVine, obviously, has long said he hopes to make the team as a player in Sunday's game. LaVine is 16th in the NBA in scoring and has a chance. It's expected that rookie Coby White will be selected for the rookie/sophomore game.

There were reports this week the Lakers Dwight Howard would return to the dunk contest. Memphis rookie Ja Morant and Miami's Derrick Jones also have been mentioned. LaVine told reporters in Chicago last month he's been thinking about participating in the dunk contest, had discussed it with his girlfriend and the league and he reiterated Monday he still hasn't decided.

"Hopefully they'll give me some time to figure that out," LaVine said Monday. "I know they're going to have to fill it up, but I think I might be able to have a little bit of leeway, hopefully, you know, in the home state. Figure out what I want to do. They asked me (to participate) last year. I think with it being in Chicago it is a big deal. So I definitely think they are going to help me try to get out there.

"I want to do something over the weekend," LaVine said. "I want to do the three-point contest.

"I need some time to practice (if it is the dunk contest), but I'm still mulling over the decision; figure it out in a couple of weeks, probably," LaVine said. "I still think I can go out and win. Obviously, if I do it I think I'll prepare myself enough to win it like I have. But it will be tough to top myself, you know. I gotta think of some new stuff.

"Like I said, I don't have a whole lot to prove in it. I want to make sure that my body feels right. I'm more focused on winning games," LaVine said. "I've got some dunks still. But like I said, (the most important thing to me is to) try and help this team, get this team to the playoffs. Really, I'm battling against myself."

LaVine seemed to make it clear both his preference and considering his past surgery what's best for he and the Bulls. Especially with LaVine among the league's top 10 in threes made and shooting 40 percent on threes this season.

"I think they'll probably be more obligated to let me do (the three-point) if I do a dunk contest too," LaVine said with a laugh. "We'll see."