Chicago Bulls NFTs

The Bulls are a team excited about the innovative possibilities and future of web3 and how this space opens up new ways for our fans to connect with our brand. The only thing we know for sure is that we’re early, and we’re excited to explore this space with our fans from all over the world!

Legacy Collection

Own a piece of the Chicago Bulls first officially licensed NFT collection. The Bulls Legacy Collection, which highlights the team’s iconic six World Championship rings, features 567 total tokens, split across six unique token designs (one for each ring) and three distinct tiers of rarity (legendary, iconic & rare).

The Chicago Bulls Legacy Collection (built on the Flow network) dropped over the course of 6 days in July 2021, with each ring selling out in a matter of minutes. The only way to own one of the Legacy Collection NFTs now is to purchase on our secondary marketplace.

Bulls Legacy Collection:
1991 Championship Ring

Bulls Legacy Collection:
1993 Championship Ring

Bulls Legacy Collection:
1996 Championship Ring

Bulls Legacy Collection:
1998 Championship Ring

The Aurochs

The Bulls iconic logo has never changed since its inception in 1966. We got it right the first time.

But in the spirit of web3, we asked 23 of the most creative artists in the space to reinterpret and reimagine our logo in their own unique style. The result? 23 1/1 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain, each one an official collaboration between the artist and the Chicago Bulls. The NFTs - only 23 of them - dropped on Coinbase NFT in September 2022.

Deadfellaz x Bulls: DeadBull

Bobby Hundreds x Bulls: Chicago Bulls by Bobby Hundreds

GxngYxng x Bulls: The Chicxgo Bulls

Claire Salvo x Bulls: The Hunted

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