fundraising programs

The Bulls offer fundraising programs that help schools and youth basketball organizations become closer to the Bulls than ever before. For every ticket that is sold by an organization, the Bulls will donate 20% of ticket proceeds directly back to the participating school or youth basketball organization.

Participating requires your entire school or youth basketball organization to get involved. In order to inquire about your organization becoming involved, please follow the simple steps below!

Getting Started

  1. Fill out form below
  2. Speak with Bulls representative
  3. Introduce fundraising program to your organization
  4. Share your fundraising link with others and encourage them to promote
  5. Collect and enjoy your Bulls rewards!

Student (Individual) Incentives

  • 25 Tickets – Two complimentary tickets to future game*
  • 50 Tickets – Picture taken on Bulls court
  • 100 Tickets – Autographed item
  • 150 Tickets – Personalized Bulls jersey + Locker room tour (non-game day)
*Mutually agreed upon date – select games to choose from.

School Incentives

250-1000 Tickets

Tier 1
  • Access to Board Member Appreciation Day
  • Autographed Item

1000+ Tickets

Tier 2
  • Bulls Themed Event for Entire School (Limited to Top 3 Performing Schools Overall)
  • Bulls VIP Guests for the Game

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Get Started

Want to sign your organization up or get your questions answered by a Bulls Ticketing Representative? Complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to help assist you with all your Group Fundraising needs

Fundraising Program Frequently Asked Questions

How much of each ticket goes back to the organization I am supporting?

20% of each ticket purchased is given to the organization you are supporting.

How do individuals receive their prizes?

Once a week, we will run a list of all individual thresholds that are surpassed. Notifications and correspondence will be sent to the email address on file to let you how to redeem prizes.

What is the timing of the fundraising program?

This year's fundraising program will run through March 2024.

Can my child's individual class or team participate?

Fundraising programs are designed for the entire organization, whether school or youth basketball. Individual classes or teams cannot participate without the entire organization's support.

Will pricing and games change throughout the year?

Over the course of the year, pricing may fluctuate based on demand for the game. If pricing for a game changes, the organization will always receive 20% of the ticket. Games may also change throughout the course of the year. Based on demand, games may either be removed or added as the season progresses.

Is it possible to set up multiple links if I have more than one child?

Yes! In addition, you can track the progress of all unique links created through the singular email used to create the account.

My child's organization is not listed. How do I add their organization to the program?

If you do not see your child's organization listed, please speak with the school principal/PTA head or president of the league your child is participating in - and have them inquire about getting involved!