United Center | 1901 West Madison Street | Chicago, IL 60612-2459 | 312.455.4000


Chairman– Jerry Reinsdorf
President & Chief Executive Officer– Michael Reinsdorf
Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations - Artūras Karnišovas
General Manager - Marc Eversley
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel– Ram Padmanabhan
Executive Vice President, Brand & Public Affairs– Susan Goodenow
Executive Vice President, Revenue & Strategy – Matt Kobe
Vice President, Partnership Marketing – Megan Donovan
Vice President, Ticketing & Premium Seating – Jason Howard
Vice President, Finance – Kieran Kelliher
Vice President, Business Development – Mark Levitt
Vice President, Marketing – Dan Moriarty
Vice President, Community Engagement / Executive Director, Chicago Bulls Charities - Adrienne Scherenzel-Curry
Special Advisor to the President & CEO – Toni Kukoc
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO – Carla DeLio
Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel– Denise Aleman


Head Coach – Billy Donovan
Assistant Coaches – Maurice Cheeks, Chris Fleming, Josh Longstaff, John Bryant, Damian Cotter, Billy Schmidt
Senior Advisor, Basketball Operations – John Paxson
Assistant General Managers- Pat Connelly, JJ Polk
Vice President, Basketball Strategy & Analytics- Steve Weinman
Director, Player Personnel – Brian Hagen
Director, Basketball Operations & General Manager, Windy City Bulls - Chigozie Umeadi
Director, International Scouting – Ivica Dukan
Director, Pro Personnel – Jim Paxson
Director, Performance Health – Chip Schaefer
Director, Mental Performance and Health – Wendy Borlabi
Senior Manager, Team Services and Player Development– Shaquin Albrow
Senior Managers, Basketball Administration – Wendy Knoll, Kristine Watson
Manager, Minor League Scouting & Analytics – Miles Abbett
Manager, Basketball Strategy & Analytics – Faizan Hasnany
Head Equipment Manager & Team Travel Coordinator– Steve Pankow
Equipment Manager – John Ligmanowski
Assistant Equipment Manager – Daniel Langston
Player Development Specialist – Martin Rancik
Advance Scout – Jason Brown
Scout – Dave Bollwinkel
Head Athletic Trainer – Todd Campbell
Assistant Athletic Trainer – Arnold Lee
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Geoffrey Puls
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – Matthew Comer
Physical Therapist – Michael Orr
Sport Scientist and Assistant Strength Coach – Brian Serrano
Coordinators, Player Development – Ty Abbott, Brad Burgess, Amadou Mbodji, Jordan Ash, Logan Power
Video Coordinators –Billy Donovan III, Isiah Price, Alex Reilly
Associate, Player Development – Nico Hobbs
Director, Team Security- Romelle Collins
Assistant Director, Team Security– Tony Watson
Manager, Team Security – Ricky Henry


Business Strategy & Analytics

Director, Business Strategy & Analytics –Adam Klene
Senior Manager, Data Strategy & Analytics - Nadine Merheb
Manager, Data Strategy & Analytics – Eliot Goldfarb
Manager, Business Strategy & Analytics – Angad Verma
Business Analyst – David Hu
Data Analyst – Maezelle Millan
Junior Data Analyst – Caroline Owen

Corporate Partnerships

Director, Business Development – Allie Gerry
Director, Partnership Marketing – Jamie Litoff
Managers, Partnership Marketing – Danielle Gombac, Laniesa Shafer
Manager, Partnership Strategy & Insights - Anthony Piccioni
Manager, Business Development - Greg Morrissey
Manager, Hospitality & Experiences – Monica Morrison
Senior Sales Strategist – Natalie Lebamoff
Senior Account Executive, Partnership Marketing – Abbe Gahart
Account Executives, Business Development – Cassandra Diaz, Jason Lansing
Account Executives, Partnership Marketing –Carter Rayburn, Cody Potter, Spencer Neville


Executive Director, Ticket Sales – David Dowd
Executive Director, Corporate & Premium Ticket Sales – Wade Graf
Executive Director, Premium Tickets – Joe O’Neil
Executive Director, Ticket Operations and Technology – Pam Sher
Director, Ticket Operations and Technology – Nancy DeFauw
Director, Season Ticket & Guest Services– Jacqui Iorio
Senior Manager, Season Ticket Sales – Zayna Ibrahim
Senior Manager, Group Ticket Sales – Robby Joseph
Senior Manager, Ticket Operations & Technology - Erin Johnsen
Manager, Season Ticket Service – Jennifer Hall
Manager, Inside Sales – Kim Hoefert
Account Executives, Season Sales – Darius Vincent, Gary DeCesare, Kristi May
Account Executives, Group Sales – Austin Winslow, Evan Knight
Senior Account Executive, Season Ticket Service – Emma Gordon
Account Executives, Season Ticket Service - Daria Manior-Grosh, Yesenia Garcia
Coordinator, Ticket Sales Events & Experiences - Whitley Newberry
Coordinators, Ticket Operations - Anthony Chapa, Nick Mazzei
Ticket Representatives –Abi Rendall, Darcy Jennings, Darrian Dorrough, Emma Whitehead, McKenzie Moorhead, Sam Kritikos, Xavier Rodriguez

Premium Seating

Senior Director, Premium Services– Greg Hanrahan
Senior Director, Rental Suites – Curtis Baddeley
Senior Director, Premium Seating Operations – Valerie Tanaka
Director, Premium Sales – Nick Batista
Manager, Premium Services– Brianna Boseman
Manager, Premium Seating Analytics  - Tim Marron
Premium, Guest Service & Operations Manager– Jameson Wheeler
Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales– Lance Chapple
Account Executive, Premium Sales – Nicole Nolan
Account Service Executives – Ana M. Noyola, Tyler Burke
Rental Suite Coordinators– Rachel Dvorak, Colleen Clunn



Executive Director, Basketball Communications– Tim Hallam
Director, Basketball Communications – Beth Esler
Senior Manager, Brand Communications – Tony Hyde
Manager, Brand Communications - Denae Wilkins
Senior Manager, Basketball Communications – Josh Schur
Senior Coordinator, Basketball Communications – Andre Toran
Team Photographer – Bill Smith


Executive Director, Content Strategy – Luka Dukich
Executive Director, Creative Services – Jon Shoemaker
Executive Director and Executive Producer, BullsTV – Brad Siegel
Director, BullsTV – Chris Ramirez
Senior Manager, Creative Services – Jeff Pitcock
Senior Manager, Digital Content – Joe Pinchin
Lead Editor / Senior Manager, Post Production – Dan Morley
Manager, Content Design - Jimmy Mitchell
Manager, Digital Content – Nikko Tan
Manager, Digital Partnerships – Serena Yeh
Manager, Animation & Design - Dave Zarzynski
Designer, Digital Content – Jamie Beyer
Producer, BullsTV – Tucker Jacob
Assistant Producers, BullsTV – Daniel Charous, Miles Royal, Cheryl Wayte
Assistant Editors, BullsTV – Jade Davis, Cait Hicks
Digital Partnership Coordinator - Ivan Hudson
Coordinator, Digital Content – Jada Santana
Coordinator, Digital Community - Kyle Brown

Entertainment & Events

Executive Director, Entertainment & Events – Michelle McComas
Senior Manager, Event Production & Activation Strategy – Zaida DeGuzman
Senior Manager, Game Production & Entertainment Relations – Max Berman
Bulls Entertainment Host / Senior Producer – Todd Abbott
Entertainment Managers – John Nuñez, Lindsay Lococo
Managers, Game Production – Michael Vigan, Genevie Mendoza
Mascot Coordinator - Madison Reed
Coordinator, Event Operations– Sam Reck


Director, Digital Marketing – JP Mallari
Director, Integrated Marketing – Sarah Smith
Director, Brand & Fan Development – Cesar Vizcarrondo
Director, Digital Product – Bryson Alef
Senior Manager, Digital Technology & Development – Matt Moreno
Manager, Basketball Programming – Kyle Cummings
Manager, Integrated Marketing – Alex Compton
Manager, Brand & Fan Development – Kayla King
Digital Developer – Lino Jimenez
Digital Marketing Strategist - Nathan Franz
Strategist, Creators & Communities- Kamil Strycharz
Mobile Strategist – Kim Bonnema
Coordinator, Integrated Marketing - Haley Zahn
Coordinator, Digital Marketing - Pamela Perez
Basketball Programming Associate – Avery Bass

Community Engagement

Director, Community Relations - Erica Bauer
Director, Alumni Relations – Matt Yob
Community Relations Manager, Social Responsibility – Andrea Pesola
Manager, Community Relations - Mónica Gutierrez
Senior Coordinator, Community Relations – Josh Clark
Coordinators, Community Relations – Kola Adebola, Myra Leon
Coordinator, Alumni Relations - Ethan Wilen


President of Chicago Bulls Charities – Nancy Reinsdorf



Controller – Jovin Nadakapadam
Director, Payroll & Benefits Administration – Michele Chambers
Purchasing Manager – Ben Adair
Accounting Manager – Morgan Payerli
Warehouse Manager – Jacqlyn Stoltenberg
Accountant – Claudia Stevenson
Senior Coordinator, Business Operations – Drew Paxson
Accounting Assistant – Michelle Moore


Associate General Counsel – Andrew Herrington-Gilmore

Human Resources

Executive Director, Human Resources – Natalie Huddleston
HR Manager – Jasmyn Mahone
HR Coordinator – Mary Clare Crue
Receptionist – Alicia Santana


Senior Manager, Retail Merchandising & Buying – Olivia Blatchford
Coordinator, Retail Operations – Brittany Blackim


President – Brad Seymour
Head Coach – Henry Domercant
Assistant General Manager, Windy City Bulls– Joshua Malone
Director, Ticket Sales – Joe Landa
Senior Coordinator, Communications, PR, & Marketing – Hayden Garrett
Account Executives, Ticket Sales – Ethan Ketchmark, Karah Landries, Nathan Rodriguez
Coordinator, Performance Health – Brian Serrano


Head Team Physician – Dr. Brian Cole
Head Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician – Dr. Kathy Weber
Team Physicians – Dr. Bernard Bach, Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph, Dr. William Kehoe, Dr. Johnny Lin, Dr. Greg Nicholson, Dr. Scott Palmer, Dr. Nik Verma, Dr. Simon Lee, Dr. John Fernandez, Dr. Adam Yanke
Team Ophthalmologists – Dr. David Orth, Dr. Jack Cohen
Dental Consultants – Dr. Pete Chemello, Dr. Christopher Colby, Dr. Stephen Douglas, Dr. Mike Steichen, Dr. Matthew Gauthier


Radio: WSCR-AM 670

Broadcasters: Chuck Swirsky, Bill Wennington

Spanish Radio: WRTO (1200 AM)
Miguel Esparza, Omar Ramos

TV: NBC Sports Chicago
Broadcasters: Adam Amin, Stacey King

Public Address Announcer: Tim Sinclair