Expert Predictions: Who the Bulls might select with the 38th pick in the NBA Draft

So what will the Bulls do with the 38th pick in Thursday's NBA Draft?

What should they do?

The Bulls emphasis appears to be on adding veteran talent to complement the team's two All-Stars, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic. There has been regular speculation about adding a point guard. Lonzo Ball, Dennis Schroder and Derrick Rose recently have been mentioned most frequently, though such additions would probably have to occur through free agency starting August 2.

There also has been rumors and speculation that last year's Bulls second round selection, Marko Simonovic, could join the team this season. The 6-11 center/forward played in Serbia this past season. Because the Bulls basketball chief now is Arturas Karnisovas, who is from Lithuania and has international expertise and selected Simonovic last year, there is considerable speculation (also known as guessing) that the Bulls again will use the second round selection to "stash" a player overseas and retain salary cap room.

The Bulls primary needs are generally viewed to be point guard, wing scorer and facilitator, though it would be unlikely the team could satisfy its requirements with a second-round draft pick. It's also almost impossible to determine who might be available at No. 38 given the uncertainties of the player draft and the whims of teams who might opt for future results.

Here's a look at whom the various basketball analysts posting mock drafts select for the Bulls at No. 38:

The Athletic: Day'Ron Sharpe, 6-11 center, North Carolina.

Another of the Bulls needs is a backup center after having traded Daniel Gafford. And bye bye to Cristian Felicio. The second round, as evidenced with Gafford, is a good place for backup big players. Sharpe fits a model at almost seven foot and about 265 pounds. He's not much on offense, but a hard worker and high IQ guy who has a feel for the game. Not an explosive leaper like Gafford, but a better rebounder and size to get in the way.

ESPN: Juhann Begarin, 6-6 wing, France.

Good size with long reach and athleticism that suggests he'd benefit from playing overseas some more before he tries to be the next Scottie Pippen. He's a transition player and a driver and average shooter who turns 19 next month.

Tankathon: Joshua Primo, 6-5 guard, Alabama

Young player from Canada who doesn't turn 19 until December and would probably spend the season in the G-league. One of those potential upside guys who is a good athlete and a good shooter who played a tertiary role as a young freshman. Probably a good gamble as a potential high level player to develop for a few seasons.

Basketball News: Sandro Mamukelashvili, 6-11 center, Seton Hall.

This is the classic what would Arturas do pick. Well, he loves European players as evidenced by Nikola Jokic in Denver and he went to Seton Hall. And yes Mamukelashvili projects to some like Jokic, a mature four-year player who shoots well, can handle the ball and pass. Not an explosive player, but neither is MVP Jokic, who famously was selected No. 41.

CBS Sports: Jericho Sims, 6-10 center, Texas.

A Daniel Gafford type of athletic defensive player without much offense. Tries to block everything and run the floor for a dunk. He's another older, four year player and probably not as good a mid range or free throw shooter as Gafford.

HoopsHype: Joe Weiskamp, 6-7 wing, Iowa.

An NBA-type of 3-and-D player without so much of the D. But a lot of three. He's an excellent shooter who played three years in college and fits a glaring need for the Bulls of a catch-and-shoot player who could free Patrick Williams to play more power forward. Though wing defense would be an issue. So perhaps ideal with a second unit as a specialist.

Sports Illustrated: Herbert Jones, 6-7 wing, Alabama

They must really like the Bulls because most of the mock drafts list him as a likely pick at the end of the first round. Though it's typical several such players always slip into the middle of the second round. Another four-year player as they tend to land in the second round. He's a good athlete and defender who can pass and run, but is uncertain as a shooter.

NBADraft.net: Jeremiah Robinson, 6-9 power forward, Villanova.

Smart player like most of the Villanova guys. Not a high level shooter, but a hard working, well rounded player who probably excels more on the defensive end.

Bleacher Report: Charles Bassey, 6-11 center, Western Kentucky.

Another future backup center type with good size. He blocks shots aggressively as one of the best in college and runs the floor. Not a great athlete or shooter, but will protect the rim effectively and make the occasional shot.

Yahoo: Kessler Edwards, 6-8 wing, Pepperdine.

A good catch-and-shoot type player with good size and defensive instincts. Not a big time point forward prospect because he's not an ideal playmaker/ballhandler. But will drive the ball and finish.

My selection: Any chance Cade Cunningham falls?