Chuck's Daily Check In - 9.27.18

Thursday’s Bulls’ practice brings another opportunity to work on the foundation of setting the team’s offense and defensive plans for the upcoming season. With only five pre season games this year it won’t give Coach Hoiberg a lot of opportunity to experiment so expect him playing the core group perhaps a bit longer than usual in selected games along with working in different lineups on the floor.

A few observations:

I’m expecting Kris Dunn to have a break out year. Dunn is a confident player who plays with an edge to his game and there is no doubt he will be a significant piece as the Bulls move forward this season.

The backup point guard position is going to be very competitive.

Jabari Parker playing the three (small forward) for the first time will be an adjustment so patience is needed.

Zach LaVine will have a monster year.

Lauri Markkanen will not suffer a “sophomore jinx.” He’s in great shape and his versatility of outside/inside will create nightmares for opponents.

Bobby Portis will be a major factor for the Bulls as he will come off the bench and be a difference maker in many ways.

Robin Lopez and Wendell Carter Jr. will compliment each other very well. Carter will be a headache for opponents when the Bulls switch on defense. With the versatility of the “new age” NBA showing a variety of offensive sets, switching has become common place. Better get used to it because every NBA team, if they’re not putting packages in now will be doing so soon, some more than others, but it’s here to stay.

CCI 24 seconds:

Jimmy Butler is still property of Minnesota but you may want to refresh the web server from time to time just to make sure.

Anthony Davis, who will be back in his hometown of Chicago Sunday leading the Pelicans, believes he’s the best player in the NBA. Do you agree? Name your top three players in the league? If you started a franchise TODAY who gets the prize?

Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton and LeBron James in the near future will discuss how many games and how many minutes James will play in pre season. The Lakers play five exhibition games and James is entering his 16th season.

Lost in the blockbuster Spurs-Raptors, Leonard-DeRozan deal was San Antonio acquiring big man Jakob Poeltl. I’m a big fan of his and he will bring youth and energy to the black and silver.

No one asked me but why doesn’t Washington’s John Wall get the respect and publicity from fans and media around the league? He is a top ten player in the NBA in my opinion.

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