Chuck's Daily Check In 3.26.18

The Bulls road trip continues with three games in four nights this week beginning with a Tuesday night contest against a team sporting the best record in the NBA, the Houston Rockets.

More on the Rockets tomorrow in CCI. I thought I would interview a compelling guest that I’ve attempted to in the past, but unsuccessfully before now. That person? Me! LOL

CCI: What do you think of the “T” word?

Swirsk: I despise it. I think it’s disrespectful to players on the floor along with coaching staffs who are doing their best to develop talent. There is a reason why players are wearing NBA jerseys: they’re good. Obviously, there are some better than others but at this point in the season why can’t we see and gauge the development of players such as Payne, Felicio, Vonleh, etc. You don’t think they’ve got something to play for?

CCI: I’ve heard you say that this group (Bulls players) is one of the better ones you’ve been around. Why is that?

Swirsk: There has been absolutely no finger pointing despite the record. No one has gone off on the coach. If players have something to say amongst themselves or to themselves, they communicate that to each other in the confines of the locker-room. This group is extremely professional and respectful to the media and for that matter, everyone. I haven’t witnessed one case of a player not being authentic and genuine. Remember, just because a player doesn’t deliver a great twenty second sound bite doesn’t make him a bad guy.

CCI: Favorite game to call this season?

Swirsk: Easy. Bulls home win over Minnesota. The buzz in the building was awesome. Tons of story lines and LaVine with a shining moment (with more Zach Attack to the Rack coming) game.

CCI: What position will the Bulls go for in the draft?

Swirsk: How about this. I say grab the best player on the board regardless of position. It sounds vanilla. Sounds like I’m not really answering the question but I totally am. Best player on the board. Period.

CCI: What element of the game do you wish you had a better handle on?

Swirsk: Shoes. I’m being serious. I have no clue what players wear when it comes to brand, model, etc. It’s amazing how kids have a encyclopedic memory on this subject. I have failed miserably on this subject.

CCI: Now that the Final 4 is here, what are some of your best memories calling college games?

Swirsk: I loved the great years of DePaul with Ray and Joey Meyer. They were awesome to be around along with my good friend Jim Molinari and assistants that came and went during my days broadcasting Blue Demons’ games. When DePaul was rolling, they were the talk of the town. Games were sold out at the Rosemont Horizon (All State Arena). Big time talent always gave DePaul a look on their list of visits. To see where their program is today is heart breaking.

Michigan is Michigan. What can I say? Four of the best years of my professional life were spent broadcasting Wolverines’ games. Unfortunately, a booster had too much control on players and it cost Michigan games (probation) and stature until the present staff arrived. When Michigan went on the road, it was an event like no other. One of my all time favorites was Robert “Tractor” Traylor. He left us way too soon. Just a wonderful human being.


Houston geared up for Tuesday’s game against the Bulls winning its 16th straight home game and 30th home court victory of the season winning it’s 60th game smashing the Hawks 118-99. Harden with a triple-double. Houston is the 18th team in NBA history to win 60 games in the first 74 games.

NY 101 Washington 97. A rare road win for the Knicks who had eight players score in double figures. Former Wizard Trey Burke is ballin’ for the Knicks.

A disturbing but transparent quote from Washington’s Bradley Beal to reporters post game: “We looked like we didn’t give a damn, honestly. We just thought we could show up and play because they don’t have anything to play for. So we thought it was going to be a cakewalk- and (they) smacked us in the mouth.”

Terry Rozier poured in a season high 33 points as Boston beat the Kings 104-93.

Portland 108 OKC 105. Big win for the Blazers on the road. C J McCollum with 34, 13 in the 4th quarter. Melo struggled down the stretch. He went 0-4 in the fourth quarter and is shooting 36% in the 4th quarter this season. In the all time series between the Sonics/Thunder- Blazers..all tied up at 116-116.

In Toronto, LAC 117 Raptors 106.. Former Raptor Lou Williams scored 26. LAC trailed by as many as 18 in the first quarter.

Cleveland 121 Nets 114. The Cavs posted their fifth straight win. The Cavs are averaging 122 points during the streak. LeBron scored his 2-thousandth point in a season for the tenth time in his career. Joe Harris, a former Cav, scored a career high 30 points for the Nets.

Utah 110 Golden State 91. The banged up Warriors played without four All Stars: Curry, Durant, Green and Thompson. Gobert with a 17-15 game. Mitchell has posted six straight 20 point games.

Bucks 106 Spurs 103. Giannis returned and that’s always a good thing for Milwaukee and NBA fans. Excellent profile on Giannis last night on 60 Minutes. He poured in 25. The Spurs six game win streak is over.

Indiana 113 Miami 107 OT- Thaddeus Young with a monster game of 22 points, 9 rebounds 3 blocks and 5 steals. The Pacers make the playoffs for the seventh time in eight years.

Philadelphia has clinched its first playoff berth for the first time since 2012.

Golden State Head Coach Steve Kerr says injured guard Stephen Curry will NOT play in the first round of the playoffs.

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