Bulls back on the practice floor gearing up for Friday's pre season finale vs Toronto.


Paul Zipser. Pre season stats: Has started all 5 games averaging 22 minutes. Shooting 39%fg. 35%-3pt. FT: 5-8. 62% Avg 6pts and 2 rebounds per game.

Last year: 44 games. 18 starts Avg 5pts 5 reb. 19min.

Coach Hoiberg: "Paul is a really good basketball player. He's extremely intelligent. He gives you great effort on both ends. He hasn't shot the ball as well as he'd like to this point. It's early, a lot of of his shots have come late in the clock, it might be some of the reason for his percentage at this point. . He 's going to go out there and not back down from any type of challenge. He's been shooting the ball extremely well in practice. I'm really pleased with Paul Zipser this season."


Mr. Swirsky,

My name is Kahlil Sabbagh and I'm a high school music teacher in Los Angeles, Ca. I was the teacher of the Bull's own David Nwaba and I saw almost every one of his high school games here at University High School, where David starred, as I was with the band in the stands banging drums and cheering on the team (I still do...). I'm sure you see his athleticism and fury as well as his defensive prowess and aggressiveness.. Nothing has changed. He was the same way when he was in high school.

That's it! I just wanted to give some love to the great David Nwaba!

thanks, Chuck.

Kahlil Sabbagh

Los Angeles, Ca.

Chuck: Kahlil, I appreciate the letter and you're right on regarding the hustle, energy and tenacity of David. He gets after it every night and thrives on the defensive end. He's also going to make a number of BullsTV highlights this year with some wicked slam dunks.


NBA notes. Andrew Wiggins gets max. 5 years 146.5 million from Minnesota. I first met Wiggings when calling Raptors games. He was in middle school at the time but after watching him play you could tell he was going to be special. His father Mitchell played with the Bulls in the 80s. I know a number of reporters who cover the NBA believe Wiggins is a tad overrated but remember he's only 22. He needs to play with intensity on the defense side of the ball. There is no question he's got it in him. Here's the question ... Wiggins considers himself as a number one option on offense. I'm sure KAT feels the same way and we know Jimmy Butler was the go to guy in Chicago. It's up to the coaching staff and players to figure it. Good teams that want to be great teams always do.

As if the NBA season opener in Cleveland between the Cavs and Celtics didn't have enough drama, now this from Kyrie Irving: "Boston, I'm driving in and (thinking), 'I'm really playing in a real, live sports city?'" Ok, then...

In his first game since late January, Philadelphia's Joel Embiid had a monster night in fifteen minutes scoring 22 points- ( 14-18 fts) 7 rebounds- 3 assists- 1 block in the 76ers win over the Nets. I sincerely hope he stays healthy and plays in the neighborhood of 65 games. He's a joy to watch.

ESPN is reporting Indiana's Glenn Robinson III will undergo left ankle surgery and will be sidelined two months.

The NBA career of former number one overall pick Anthony Bennett may be over. Phoenix waived the 24 year old UNLV standout on Wednesday. It was Bennett's fifth team in the past four years.

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