Ask Sam Mailbag: 11.09.18

Your Pelicans game report certainly sums up your positive view of Carter. I'm happy to enthusiastically agree. It's still very early but he probably would go several slots higher in a redraft and, as you noted, could even be in the rookie of the year conversation. It will be interesting to see how the bigs play together when Laurie and Bobbie return and how Dunn adjusts and hopefully evolves.

John Petersen

I was wondering why Robin has been so left out. There is no way anyone has played so strongly that you couldn't give this guy a reason to take a shower. He is good for at least a couple of minutes. Will we continue to play roulette until Dunn gets back. It seems to me that though he has the least "talent/size", Arch is the best point we have to run Fred's system. The worst thing he does is hesitate when he has his shot, don't you think that will come with the more time he gets?

Tom Offa

Why does Hoiberg keep starting Cameron Payne when we all know if he really isn't a point guard? It's very clear that Ryan Arcidiacono is not only a better at running a team but a natural PG. 

Tom Choi

Left from the class of '01:Parker, Pau, Zbo and Tyson. I was never the biggest Chandler fan given I was a kid when he was drafted and I was so excited for him to become the next KG based on all the hype during that draft and offseason. Given his rough go in Chicago due to his young age and the bad roster he carved out one hell of a career. A key factor in an unlikely Championship team in 2011 to a defensive player of the year award. Happy for the guy. But what's going on there? Is LeBron gunning for Luke Walton?

Mike Sutera

I think Hutchison is developing nicely. He really moves well on the dribble, snaking his way to the rim. And he defends. Best snapshot the other night was him ripping a board away from some Knick. He's going to be a good one – maybe our starting SF in a year or two. And I would like every Bulls fan who complained about Zach LaVine's contract to take a look in the mirror. Imagine if the Bulls had agreed and let Zach go to Sacramento? How would you feel reading those box scores? You'd be screaming that the Bulls blew it again and calling for Pax's head. Instead, we have a future All-Star to build around. So before your next rant against the front office, take a step back and realize what a terrible mistake you'd have made given the chance. Zach does have the talent and the attitude to become an All-Star, or even a 'franchise player'. And I love the fact that he always mentions his own mistakes. You can tell he's focused on perfecting his game.

Art Alenik

In my opinion, a good coach makes adjustments defensively and offensively within and between games to optimize the team's chance of winning. Players that don't play sufficient defense, turn the ball over repeatedly, and don't hustle or pass the ball deserve to be benched in my opinion while giving others a chance such as Shaquille Harrison. Also who coaches the defense on this team? I am not happy with the defensive coaching since Thibs left (at least he knew how to coach defense even if he was clueless about offense). 

Ashok Nagella

I'll take some Jabari hate back: watching him is about as enjoyable as watching Wade in his Bulls year (that means "not enjoyable at all"), but he is giving the team offense and some rebounds when we're missing our top two PF's. He's not the problem. There, I said it. Having said that, I can't imagine Fred wanting to play him when Portis and Markannen return.

Alejandro Yegros

Kris Dunn remains a what if. What if the Bulls brought Derrick Rose back next year? All of this is contingent on him continuing his current pace. Why you may ask? Yeah, the backcourt defense would be awful but no one is playing defense in the NBA anyway. He could potentially recruit Kevin Durant. If I remember correctly, they are friends and former summer workout partners. Older DRose probably now realizes the importance of recruiting. Plus no NBA team wins a "ship" without a two five player. It's not like to Bulls are above such a move. They brought back Scottie Pippen after torching management and he's an ambassador now. 

Jerrold Washington

Even though the record doesn't show it, I actually believe the Bulls are going to be very good in the future. The thought of having a lineup of Carter Jr., Markennen, Hutchinson, Lavine, Dunn could be very good defensively in spite of Lavine. I actually think the bulls should look to trades to gain more draft assets. Parker could be a valuable piece at the trade deadline to flip for a 1st rounder. Jabari Parker+Justin Holiday to Memphis for Chandler Parsons + unprotected 2019 1st round pick Robin Lopez + Bobby Portis + Cameron Payne to Phoenix Suns for Ryan Anderson + 2019 unprotected 1st round pick.

When was the last time the bulls enticed an A+ free agent to come to Chicago. The reality is they don't, so the bulls should be looking to use their cap space to take on salaries to gain more draft capital in what could be a deep draft. The move also frees up playing time for players that will be apart of the future. I'd like to keep Portis but I'd trade in a heart beat if it meant gaining a potential lottery pick in this year's draft. 

Rocky Rosado

We have reached the blossoming of Chicago basketball. The seeds were planted via the Butler trade. Beautiful plants are growing.  Wendell Carter Jr.'s development, unmistakable glimmers of excellence from Chandler Hutchison combine with sparks from Blakeney and Arcidiacono and waiting in the wings are Dunn, Valentine, Portis and Markkannen. Throw in the star power of LaVine and voila, you can envision a future contender.  The threats to the garden are real. Injuries, lack of growth, bad trades, bad lack of trades, bad chemistry, etc. But for now, I can envision beauty. The question is how do you keep the garden growing. Too many plants can stunt growth. It is early in the season, and after we get our injured players back should we ask if Jabari Parker needs to be weeded out to allow others to grow? I want to like Parker and want him to succeed. You can see he has talent. So much young talent and what to do?   

Bruce Roberts