After almost five decades, long-time Bulls announcer Neil Funk to cut back 20 games in 2018-19

As Neil Funk enters his 28th year announcing Bulls basketball, there will be a slight variation to his continued play-by-play prowess as he will be cutting back 20 regular season road games from his announcing schedule during the regular season. He will call all pre-season and home games.

This season marks Funk’s 47th year in broadcasting.

Remarking on that decision, Funk said, “I’m thrilled to be back for another year calling Bulls games. The Bulls are such a terrific organization both on and off the court. I want to thank both Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf for their understanding and for allowing me to take a small step back in my broadcasting schedule after all these years.”

“Neil has established an impressive NBA broadcasting career spanning almost five decades,” said Michael Reinsdorf, President and COO. “We appreciate everything Neil does - he’s a pro’s pro who brings a wealth of basketball knowledge to every game. When he came to us with this request, it was an easy call – after more than 40 years, he has more than earned a few games off and we hope he and Renee enjoy their well-deserved breaks during the season.”

For those games that Neil is absent from his television play-by-play role this year, the Bulls plan is to slot in various play-by-play announcers alongside Bulls TV analyst Stacey King. Those exact plans have yet to be finalized at this date.