Can the 2004-05 Bulls be a parallel and inspiration for the 2019-20 Bulls?

The coach was starting his first full season with the team after taking over early the previous season to finish out a 20-some wins season. It was one of the league's youngest teams and opened the season starting former draft lottery selections who'd yet to make an impact and a savvy veteran born outside the U.S. And then the team began with disappointments, losses piling up with regularity as the team's hopes were dismissed around the NBA.

And then that team achieved its goal of making the playoffs during an impressive 47-win season and a narrow defeat in the first round against the Washington Wizards.

"When we were 0-9, it was interesting because I was seeing progress with Scott (Skiles, coach)," recalled assistant Ron Adams, who is with the Golden State Warriors. "Scott was a great teacher and we solidified a bit even though we weren't winning. I can remember telling Scott when we were 0-9, I said, ‘Scott, I know we're 0-9, but we're making progress; we just have to stay with it. We have an interesting group of guys who are starting to get it and be connected and come together.' We're 0-9 and have to play at Utah. We win at Utah, which was significant because it was the logical culmination of the progression that was happening. We gained confidence and kept improving."