"Only the Bulls" by Fall Out Boy (featuring Lupe Fiasco)

"Only the Bulls" by Fall Out Boy (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

The Chicago Bulls debuted a new rendition of the team’s classic song, “Only the Bulls” by Fall Out Boy featuring Lupe Fiasco at the home opener on October 31 and it will continue to play at all future home games. The song was produced by Chicago native artists, Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco, with original composition by Ira Antelis, Cheryl Berman and Steve Schanwald. The idea of re-making “Only the Bulls” came about during the 2013-14 season when the team started playing the original version in arena again to celebrate a Bulls win. Lupe Fiasco and Fall Out Boy were specifically chosen to remake this song because of their Chicago roots and they are each longtime fans of the Bulls.  The song has two new original verses produced by Lupe Fiasco and Fall Out Boy remixed the chorus keeping the original melody and lyrics still recognizable.

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