Bulls and Harris Bank present the 2009 Tip-Off Luncheon

Tip-Off Luncheon presented by Harris Bank

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The Chicago Bulls officially opened the 2009.10 basketball season with the team’s annual Tip-Off Luncheon presented by Harris Bank on Wednesday, October 21 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Long-time Bulls announcer Neil Funk emceeed the event, which included addresses from Bulls General Manager Gar Forman and Head Coach Vinny Del Negro. Bulls’ players were on hand to comment on their expectations and goals for the new season as guests enjoyed lunch and took advantage of the opportunity to purchase pieces of Bulls’ history in a silent auction.

Additionally, Bulls legends Artis Gilmore, Johnny Bach, Tom Boerwinkle, Dave Corzine, Bob Love, Sidney Green and Mickey Johnson attended the event.

All proceeds from the Tip-Off Luncheon will benefit CharitaBulls, the philanthropic arm of the Chicago Bulls. CharitaBulls was created in 1987 as a vehicle for the Bulls to help make Chicago a better place to live. CharitaBulls’ primary objective is to actively support positive educational, recreational and social opportunities for children and young people. Over the years, CharitaBulls has contributed tens of millions of dollars for a variety of worthy causes.