Developing our future through education

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Because the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, the provision of their education and well- being is of the utmost importance. As an active organization in the Chicago community, our goal is to assist in creating an environment that develops the complete child in mind, body and spirit.

Through educational programs, financial contributions, donations of materials and the provision of guest speakers, we strive to assist our schools in developing their students to graduate with strong minds and solid character.

EnergizaBulls Fitness Program
The Bulls are doing their part to combat obesity in Chicago’s youth through the EnergizaBulls fitness program. This innovative program promotes healthy nutritional habits and fitness exercises through HopSports, a unique interactive multi-media platform.

Currently, the EnergizaBulls fitness program is being used in numerous local schools and Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the Chicagoland area. Additionally, in support of this program, CharitaBulls received a $50,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation. With the addition of more schools in the near future, we are cementing our commitment to keeping Chicago’s youth healthy for years to come.

Adopt-A-School Program
To promote the importance of education and our commitment to Chicagoland’s youth, we have partnered with Harris bank to provide local schools with the opportunity to be a member of the Bulls and Harris Adopt-A-School program. The school chosen to participate in the Adopt-A-School program receives school appearances by Bulls personalities as well as 25 tickets to 10 of our home games. Additionally, school grounds are cleaned and maintained and they receive autographed memorabilia and promotional items. The 2009 Adopt-A-School is Goudy Technology Elementary School in Chicago.

Bulls Partner Schools
It is our privilege to share a special relationship with two of our neighborhood schools through the Bulls Partner School program. William H. Brown and Victor Herbert Elementary Schools, located in the vicinity of the United Center, receive special attention from our organization in the way of player appearances, ticket donations, autographed items, arena tours and souvenirs. We work daily with the faculty at these institutions offering our assets to encourage students to excel at their studies, demonstrate a commitment to their education, and maintain superior attendance records.

Since 1999, we have contributed more than $19,000 to Brown Elementary for the construction of a new Computer Court, the development of a math and science lab and to create additional educational programs.

In 2007, we opened two new learning centers at William H. Brown Elementary and Victor Herbert Elementary. We renovated an existing room in the school by painting the walls in red and black, purchasing and installing new furniture and bookshelves, and assembling a collection of reading and reference materials, Leap Frog computers and learning aids.

Chicago’s MVPs
In honor of Black History Month, we team up with Sprite and Chicago Public Schools to celebrate the academic achievements of top African American male students in local public high schools with the Chicago’s MVPs program.

Students apply online and are judged based on their academic accomplishments, community service and an essay. Students chosen as Chicago’s MVPs are honored at a recognition ceremony hosted by our players.

United Center Joint Venture Scholarships
The United Center Joint Venture annually awards $20,000 in scholarships to qualified students attending Malcolm X College. Located directly south of the United Center, Malcolm X strives to empower its students through diverse experiences that enhance educational development and cultural enrichment. The United Center Neighborhood Scholarship and the United Center Scholarship are awarded annually to qualified students through the school’s financial aid office.