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Warriors Podcast: Mike Brown

Warriors Assistant Coach Mike Brown Joins the Podcast with Longtime Voice of the Warriors Tim Roye

Tim Roye hits the road with the Warriors and sits down with Assistant Coach Mike Brown! Together they chat about the Warriors season so far, some of the lessons Brown has learned in his coaching career and much more!

Brown talks about how connected the Warriors team is this year and why that has made the difference so far (1:10 - 5:13).

Brown discusses what life not being a coach could have looked like for him and how he planned to get a law degree and potentially become a sports agent. He also speaks about the most satisfying thing a coach can ask for, the impact Gregg Popovich has had on him and why he has fit in so well with the Warriors (5:13 - 12:26).

Brown discusses the coaching pipeline from San Diego and how it all started with Bernie Bickerstaff. He also talks about what his sons are up to and their journey's in professional sports (12:26 - 15:01). Listen to the full podcast below:

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