Notable Quotes from Game 6 Press Conferences
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Dubs Speak: Notable Quotes from the Dubs’ Postgame Press Conference

Hear from Draymond Green, Stephen Curry and Head Coach Steve Following the Dubs' Season-Ending Loss in Game 6 of the NBA Finals

Draymond Green

On how he feels about his teammates: “I feel great to go to war with those guys every single night, through everything we went through this year.”

“We know what this team has been made of all along. I said it over and over again, the pretty offense will always be the storyline, but this team, a ton of heart. So it’s no shocker to us that we continue to fight, but we came up a little short and that’s just it.”

On Klay Thompson: “Probably the guy that got the most heart on this team. It’s not really the most popular opinion, but as a guy who’s been with Klay for seven years, I don’t know many people with as much heart as Klay.” “That guy is – he’s a warrior and obviously that’s no pub intended with that, but there’s no other way to describe him. He’s going to give everything he got every time he step on the floor and even some things that he don’t have, which is his health. He was going to try to give it more. That’s just who he is. That’s why we love him.”

On expectations moving forward: “I think everybody thinks it’s kind of the end of us. But that’s just not smart. We’re not done yet.”

Stephen Curry

On the team’s resiliency: “I think a lot has been proven about who we are as a team and the fight that we have and all the adversity that we dealt with in this entire playoff run … But our DNA and who we are and the character that we have on this team, I wouldn’t bet against us being back on this stage next year and going forward. So really proud of the way that we fought until the end and this five-year run’s been awesome, but definitely don’t think it’s over.”

On playing the last game at Oracle Arena: “I think it’s iconic in the sense of our entire history of this organization and how we got to this point. Whenever I drive by it, I’ll have great memories of, again, what we have been able to accomplish in this building. And as we move across the bridge, we want to be able to continue that and create new memories. So hopefully every fan that was in this building appreciates the journey and the ride. And every fan that was watching how Oakland held us down for 47 years, and turn the page to bigger and better things coming for this franchise.”

On being defeated in the NBA Finals: “Soak up this feeling, because obviously we’ve celebrated, we have had champagne, we have had rings, but this is the more motivating feeling in terms of how do you respond, how do you turn the page to new challenges ahead. So we’ll be all right.”

Steve Kerr

On the Warriors players: “What I’ve witnessed as their coach over the last five years is just an incredible combination of talent and character and commitment to each other. This just doesn’t happen. A group of guys like this doesn’t come around together and do what they did over the last five years. And I’ve been lucky enough to be their coach.”

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