What They Are Saying: Kelly Oubre Jr.

After the completion of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Warriors got started on filling their roster. One such addition comes in the form of athletic guard Kelly Oubre, Jr. who was recently acquired in a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The newest Dub went right to work on Monday, making his way to Chase Center to meet with the media and check out his new home court. He discussed his road to the Warriors, his future in the league and more. Take a listen below, or read through select highlights from today’s press conference.

Excited to make the Bay Area his new home:
“My first couple days have just been really exciting, to see to city; to come in and get some work in with the staff and on the court. It’s just been amazing to feel the culture, feel the energy around the area. So it’s really just been exciting to come out here and make this place my new home.”

When he learned he would be joining the Warriors:
“I was super excited, man. This is a great opportunity, a great scene, a great organization with already a culture set that I can just seamlessly come and fit in so it was just a blessing.”

On his growth and maturity in the NBA:
“I’m 24 years old now. There’s a lot of maturing that’s had to go on in my career and in my life. And honestly…yeah that wasn’t the smartest moves I’ve made but at the end of the day, I am who I am and I will continue to grow and I will show… my growth each and every year that I’m in this league. (So) continue to stay tuned… We’re here now. Go Warriors.”

On his ability to play in transition:
“That’s just from studying the players who have pushed the pace and the tempo of the game, and I’ve found that to be very successful for me because I’m an athlete… I definitely want to help continue to push the tempo. The Warriors already have a fast pace of play — fast ball and body movement — so if I can get out and beat the defense down the court, that’s something that I’d love to do.”