Player Spotlight: Draymond Green

by Brian Witt

The Warriors recently clinched their first division title in 39 years on their way to the most successful season in franchise history. Using data-driven analyses and graphics provided by MOCAP Analytics, we’re going to take a closer look at the ways in which individual team members have contributed to the Warriors’ spectacular success. We begin with Draymond Green.

Offensive Strength: Screen Game

Draymond creates havoc in the pick-and-roll game. He sets solid screens to free up handlers for open shots or wide lanes to the basket. He can pop out and knock down a 3-pointer, roll hard and finish at the rim, or beat an aggressive trap with his passing.

Defensive Strength: 1-on-1 Defense

Frequently undersized compared to his power forward counterparts, matchups that might look good on paper for the opposing offense are often thwarted by Green on the defensive end.

Defensive Player Profile: Draymond’s ‘D’ Is at the Top

Well above the league average (50) in every defensive category, Green’s versatility makes him one of the NBA’s premier defenders. Check out MOCAP’s player profile below where the values in each category are based on real player-tracking data.

Great Chemistry: Double the Playmaking

From the moment the pair crosses half-court, Curry and Green stretch the floor and make the defense pay.

Similar Styles: Draymond Green & Paul Millsap

They were both overlooked on draft day, sliding into the second round. Today, each starts at power forward for conference leading teams that play similar styles, particularly on offense. Millsap earned a second-straight All-Star selection this season, and at the rate Green is producing, it might not be long until he receives the same recognition.

Signature Spots: Screen Outlets to Money Green

Green sets lots of high screens for Curry, and when teams try to trap the Warriors’ star guard, Green frequently receives screen outlet passes at the top of the arc (blue spots) and initiates a Warriors’ 4-on-3 half-court attack.

With the ball in his hands, Draymond has several choices. If the defense fails to react and challenge him at the top of the arc, Green is left all alone to take a wide open three-pointer. If the defense scurries to get back in position, he has the playmaking ability to quickly swing the ball or drive-and-dish. He makes passes from the green spots below.

He’s an elite passer at the power forward position who utilizes his ability to stretch the defense to create open looks for perimeter shooters and high-percentage shots for teammates in the paint. The green spots below show where his passes are caught.

Green’s versatility creates valuable mismatches for the Warriors on both ends of the floor. As the data shows, he’s proven to be an indispensable part of the Warriors’ gameplan and their evolution into the best team in the league.

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