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Warriors Beat Lakers to Move to 2-0 in Preseason

Golden State Leads from Start to Finish
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The Warriors moved to 2-0 in the preseason after beating the Lakers 120-105 in Los Angeles tonight. The Dubs led from start to finish, and were paced by Klay Thompson’s game-high 25 points and five three-pointers, while Stephen Curry added 20 points and six assists.

Golden State led from start to finish throughout the contest, and the result was never really in doubt. They closed the first half on a 14-2 run to push their lead to 18, their largest of the game at that point. 14 of the 15 Warriors to play in the game managed to score, and the bench totaled 52 points overall.

The difference in the game was Golden State’s ability to shoot the ball from distance. The Warriors converted 12-of-21 three-pointers, whereas the Lakers only made 1-of-11. Klay Thompson (5-of-6) and Stephen Curry (3-of-4) were their usual sharpshooting selves.

Warriors Beat Lakers 120-105

The Warriors beat the Lakers 120-105 in Thursday night's preseason game at Staples Center in L.A.

Warriors at Lakers - 10/9/14

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Warriors Beat Lakers 120-105

The Warriors beat the Lakers 120-105 in Thursday night's preseason game at Staples Center in L.A.
Oct 9, 2014  |  01:59

Strong Take

Harrison Barnes blows by Kobe Bryant and connects on the layup, drawing the foul.
Oct 8, 2014  |  00:00

Warriors vs. Lakers

Klay Thompson scores 25 points, Stephen Curry adds 20 points as the Warriors beat the Lakers 120-105.
Oct 8, 2014  |  00:00

For the second consecutive game, the Warriors exhibited tremendous ball movement on offense, which resulted in easy looks and 36 trips to the free throw line. They’ll look to keep it rolling when they face the Lakers again on Sunday.

Steve Kerr

On the ball movement: "The big emphasis in training camp was ball movement. When this team just makes the easy play and the easy pass, good things happen. Our [big guys] can pass, and when your [big guys] can pass, you can run a lot of different stuff. Sometimes you don’t even have to run anything because you just swing the ball to them and they make plays."

On Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson: "The combination of having two guys shooting like that complements each other so well, [having] a smaller guy and a bigger guy. They can both do so many different things but they work so well together so it’s a beautiful combination to watch."

On expectations of himself as a new head coach: "There are going to be moments where we have to make the right call and right decision. That’s why I have a great staff around me. I have to be able to make the right decisions down the stretch and put our players in the best position to succeed. Those are all things that I will be tested on, and eventually it’s all going to come. I’m just trying to prepare us the best I can."

On expectations of Brandon Rush: "He’s been great. He was really good against the Clippers the other night and we only played him for five minutes. I watched the tape later and I was kicking myself for not playing him more. He makes smart decisions, can shoot, and he can guard. He guarded Kobe tonight and he has really good size and strength. Brandon is going to be a really good addition to our team."

Klay Thompson

On impression of Steve Kerr as a head coach: "He sounds like a coach. He’s been around the game for so long, all of our coaching staff has. We got a great wealth of knowledge. We can always go to those guys for anything. You can just see in these two games how much they have opened up the offense for everybody."

On having a shooter's mentality: "I have more of a scorer’s mentality. Own your shot, be aggressive, and if it’s not there then move the ball and try to find an open teammate."

On his experience from the FIBA World Cup: "When you play with eleven other guys who are all world players and you’re not the focal point of your team anymore, you have to make some adjustments. I just learned how to play hard for the minutes I was out there, I learned how to come off the bench and be affective again [because I] haven’t done that since high school. I just took away something from everyone’s game, how they prepared and what they do well. It helped me and got me into great shape to come into season."

Stephen Curry

On what Steve Kerr brings to the team: "He’s put a lot of work into preparing himself and his staff for the roster that he had taken over. Obviously we have a lot of great pieces and a lot of talent, we’re not rebuilding. It’s just a new coaching staff and he has to be able to adjust on the fly. The biggest thing with him is just trying to bring a consistent approach on what we’re trying to do on both ends of the floor."

On the upcoming season: "We are showing a little different look than last year just by how fast we have been playing and how many times the guys are touching the ball, but I think we can get a lot better and still refine that a little bit."

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