Gameday Report: Landry, Barnes Key Warriors Win

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Mark Jackson

On The Game:
"They played us extremely well; they hurt us defensively, executed. We were poor closing out, we were undisciplined allowing 34 fouls, giving up 100 points; they scored 54 points in the second half. So we weren't on our A-game but at the end of the day these are the types of games you've got to win and you come back tomorrow and you work on some things and get better. I thought we faced adversity and gutted out a win, but certainly we've got to be better across the board."

On Harrison Barnes and Carl Landry:
"Those guys did a very good job. I think both can be better defensively, but certainly offensively they played well. Carl is a guy that we are going to run offense through in that second unit and he puts pressure on big players. Harrison was very good across the board."

On Stephen Curry:
"It was great. The idea coming in was we wanted to give Steph increased minutes; we did that. Very pleased with his performance not only scoring the basketball but facilitating and making plays."

Harrison Barnes

On Tonight's Game:

“It was kind of ugly, but there are going to be nights like that where the game doesn’t go as planned and you have to grind it out.”

On Playing Time:
“It felt good to be out there especially with the opportunity to start and I just tried to make the most of it by playing hard.”

Stephen Curry

On His Ankle:
“During practice it’s about team concepts and work on my game on the court. Before and after practice I’m kind of working for about 45 minutes on different agility drills and strength drills to kind of make sure I’m getting that work in. I still have to put that time in even though I’m getting to 100 percent.”