Chris Mullin Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Dream Team with Youth Basketball Clinic

Warriors Host Basketball Dream Clinic

Warriors legend Chris Mullin hosted a basketball clinic at Arroyo Viejo Recreation Center in Oakland

Chris Mullin brought his Hall-of-Fame game back to Oakland on Wednesday, September 19 to host a Dream Clinic at Arroyo Viejo Recreation Center, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Dream Team, sharing lessons on basketball and the importance of education.

Mullin hosted 50 Oakland boys and girls ages 7-13 on the new Chris Mullin Courts that were funded by PG&E and unveiled earlier this year, instructing the local students about proper shooting technique, the skill he put to use on what he calls, “unquestionably the greatest team of all time.”

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Dream Team’s gold medal in Barcelona, the students began the event watching clips of the NBA TV documentary The Dream Team and then were able to meet one of the film’s stars.

“We watched the Dream Team video, and then Chris walked up and spoke to us,” 12-year-old Ashanti explained.

The 2011 NBA Hall of Fame inductee encouraged the kids to treat this commemoration of his Olympic team as a learning experience.

“Watching this video brings back so many great memories, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since that summer, but if you listen to those legendary players, you’ll learn the impact they had on basketball.”

Mullin talked with the kids about the importance of being passionate and committed to all activities, and how the qualities he learned in basketball led him to success on and off the court.

“There’s a lot of characteristics you take from being a part of a team and the things it takes to be a good player; discipline, dedication and work ethic and how to translate those into the classroom and into your daily life.”

Watching the NBA TV documentary with the kids allowed Mullin to reflect on his experiences with the Dream Team and what that did for his life and career.

“Being a member of that Dream Team made me look better than I actually am, because when you hang around great people they make you look great.”

Mullin encouraged the young students to surround themselves with strong and capable people, much like he did in the summer of 1992, stating, “The friends you choose is important. If you have a little trouble in Science, try to hang out with a guy or girl that’s good at Science; hang with the winners.”

Chris then surprised everyone in attendance by bringing his 1992 Olympic gold medal for the kids to pass around and see up close.

8-year-old Archie remembers, “He showed us the medal from the movie and let us try it on; it was surprisingly heavy!”

The students also received a signed copy of Chris Mullin’s new book Inner Game Basketball: Find Your Greatness Within, a copy of The Dream Team documentary, and a backpack for the school year courtesy of PG&E.

Warriors Youth Basketball Director Jeff Addiego and his staff coordinated the event’s basketball drills, and were thankful to have one of the all-time great Warriors on hand to impart one of the fundamentals of the game to those in attendance.

“It’s an honor to spend a day working with these boys and girls on the Chris Mullin courts, and it’s a privilege to have one of the best shooters ever with us today to illustrate that skill to them,” said Addiego.

Wednesday’s Dream Clinic highlights the third day of Back to School in the Bay: 5 Schools in 5 Days, as the Warriors will visit five schools and rec centers in five days to help raise awareness about the importance of education. At the conclusion of the shooting clinic, Chris Mullin stated his hopes for the event, explaining,

“All I want is for these kids to have fun and know someone cares about them, and I think the Warriors are showing how much they care about this community by dedicating these courts and having Jeff Addiego and myself come out today and spend time playing the game we love with them.”

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