Philadelphia 76ers Media Day 2021

76ers Media Day | Quotebook from Joel Embiid, Doc Rivers, and More

The Sixers held NBA Media Day 2021 from their training facility in Camden, NJ on Monday
by Matt Murphy

The Philadelphia 76ers' held their 2021 Media Day on Monday.

The team's President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey, Head Coach Doc Rivers and players met with the media throughout the day.

Here's some of what was said...


Both Rivers and Morey took to the podium first, and Rivers discussed Joel Embiid's impact on both ends of the floor:

"I think Joel's goal is to [win MVP] this year. Just that alone makes him a better player for us. Offensively, I thought he mixed it up the way we wanted him to... As a team we have to do our spacing better around him. You never can stop working on that. Defensively, being a basket protector, that's key for us.

"His team defense and his voice is vital for us, and that's where we want him to take his biggest step."

The Sixers' young players continue to garner praise from the head coach for their work ethic:

"I said this last year about them. This is the best-working young group I've ever had in my 21 years... that group is, for whatever reason, they're just workers. I'm really excited about it."


Morey sees a group on the rise:

"We love the team. As I mentioned, [our] young players are all on the upswing, save a couple wily vets that we love as well. We're going to have internal improvement.

"We're really excited about where we're at. We're excited about taking that next step. While we're on the upswing, most of the teams we're chasing and were behind last year are [going] in the other direction."


Here are some of Embiid's Media Day thoughts on the fans:

"The fans have the right to act the way they want to. Personally, I would not want to be in another city. I like Philadelphia because they care. They come to games, they're going to know who we just signed, who is the 15th man, they're going to know everything about the team. They're so invested in the team. So it's only fair for them to be pissed off when we lose."

The four-time All-Star was then asked about his game, specifically on the defensive end:

"As I've mentioned in the past, I have aspirations to become the Defensive Player of the Year. I think, for me personally, I've just got to be more active. It's hard to do because, offensively, I'm also asked to do a lot. And I don't mind. I love it. I love carrying the team on both ends. I think that's what probably makes me special. Because I do it on both ends."


Regarding Embiid, Curry described playing alongside the big man:

"Last year, as the season went along, we got better and better. I knew once I came here that playing off Joel would be a good fit for my game. Being able to put the ball on the floor, play pick-and-roll, play the handoff game, playing off him in the post. We've just got to build off that as the season goes along. We've got to add different layers to our game offensively. I just have to continue to find ways to make the game easier for him, like he does for all of us. It's exciting."


In his opening remarks, Harris discussed his areas of focus this offseason:

"A big emphasis in the offseason was obviously continuing to work on my body, health, movements all over the court. A lot of 3-point shooting off the bounce, a lot of moves off the bounce and off the perimeter, outside the 3-point line. That's where I wanted to make the biggest improvements."


The areas of focus for Milton?

"Defense for one. That's what I spent the majority of my summer working on: defense and threes. I want to be the type of player who's in the game when it matters most. To be able to do that on this team, you've got to be able to get stops."


When it comes to fitting in with his new team, Drummond is ready to take on any role that's required:

"My priorities here are just to be open-minded and accept what comes. Be ready to play. Bring hard work, bring toughness to this team. I'm just going to try to gel with these guys and make sure everybody's together, be a great locker room guy and just play to the best of my ability each and every night when I'm on that floor."


The international stage was an early topic for Thybulle, who earned an Olympic Bronze Medal with Australia over the summer and now looks to carry over some aggressiveness:

"Just finding my places, now proving to myself that I can do it. The FIBA game is very different compared to the NBA game. I was able to find my spots in that and now it's just a matter of getting out here again and playing with much different players in a much different system and just finding that again for myself. But also just the whole time knowing that I'm capable of it."


Green had high praise for Tyrese Maxey:

"He's special, and I'm sure everybody can see that. If he continues to do what he does, he's going to be a really special player in this league. He carries himself like a star and I believe one day he will be a star. A lot of these young guys I think one day will be stars, but Tyrese for sure, you can see he's a special player."


You could say that Maxey returned the favor, sort of:

"I appreciate that from Danny. He's only like 54 years old and played 32 years in the league [laughs].

"Danny's great. His leadership is amazing. He has three rings, no one can take that away from him. And his journey to the NBA was immaculate. I tell people all the time -- the guys that we have on our team with journies like Danny, who was out of the league maybe and played in the G League. Seth [Curry] played in the G League. Tobias [Harris] said that he didn't play much his rookie year. Just to have those different guys, the different dynamics, it's amazing. They really help us young guys try to work and become successful."


Like Maxey, offseason acquisition Georges Niang strives to get one percent better every day:

"I think the biggest thing for me is not looking too far ahead. I try to come in and stack consistent days and get one percent better every single day. I know it sounds cliché, but I feel like when people look too far ahead, that's when you start tripping over yourself and messing up.

"So the biggest thing for me is just coming in every day and [asking myself] 'what can I do to make the team better and what can I do take myself better?' That's kind of the motto that I've lived by since I was on a two-way contract and it's gotten me this far, so I don't think I'm going to give up on that just yet."


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