Talking Hoops with Bill Worrell and Matt Bullard: Part 3

Wednesday September 21, 2011 9:39 AM

Storytellers: Part 3

Bill Worrell and Matt Bullard reflect upon their favorite moments in Rockets' history

Jason Friedman

HOUSTON - Everyone in the Rockets organization has a Yao Ming story.

Most have dozens, in fact. Maybe more.

The tales range from amazing to amusing, from poignant to peculiar.

What else would you expect from someone so unique and so much larger than life? His impact, both on court and off, is simply impossible to measure.

So without ways to properly quantify what he meant to the Rockets, the NBA and his homeland, we are left only with words; words to share stories of this massive man from a foreign land who became all at once a bridge, a face of the franchise and, to many, a friend.

As you’d expect, Rockets’ broadcasters Bill Worrell and Matt Bullard have their fair share of Yao tales to tell and they tackle that topic head-on as part of today’s roundtable discussion.

Check back tomorrow for part four of the series. And if you missed out on part one and part two, click on the links to catch up.

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