Harden's Unique Style of Play


It's fitting that James Harden plays just a stone's throw away from one of NASA's field centers.

For the NBA's reigning Most Valuable Player, basketball is all about space.

He creates it, challenges it, operates on his own axis within it.

"Creating space is one of the biggest parts of the game of basketball," Harden told Bleacher Report at his in-store appearance at the Adidas store in Houston's Galleria Mall. "If you don't have space, you're not able to do anything. You always have somebody riding you or being physical with you, but if you can create that space, no matter how much space it is, you can get your shot off.

"But for me, I don't need that much space, so these last few years, I've been learning different ways to create space to get my shot off or finish towards the rim. I know a lot of players in the NBA still struggle with that."

According to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, there's a fundamental link between time and space...



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