A New Obsession by James Harden

Via ThePlayersTribune.com  - I’ve never been a writer before, but you know what?

Before this season I’d never really been a point guard, either. So let’s do this.

The other day Trevor showed me the article that he wrote and it really got me thinking about this team and our season and everything my teammates have done for me.

Not only my teammates. Coach, too.

In a way, this whole ride started back last summer with Coach D’Antoni’s crazy idea.

After Coach took the job, we immediately got on the phone — talking about what went wrong last season, talking about our roster, talking about changes we could make. Normal intro-type stuff. It was clear he was smart as hell about basketball, but laid back, too. He was asking questions and listening, instead of acting like he already knew everything. I liked his vibe right away.

And then before we hung up, he stopped and just said straight up: “Honestly, we need you to be the point guard.”

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