ESPN: NBA's Sneaker King in the Bubble


During a typical regular season, P.J. Tucker spends his off days checking out sneaker shops, no matter what city he is in. When the NBA season was put on hold, Tucker's off-day shopping trips came to a halt.

But that didn't stop his shopping sprees.

"I've bought more shoes during the coronavirus than I ever have," Tucker said with a laugh. "Probably in my entire life."

Tucker, known around the NBA as the league's most prolific sneakerhead, spent countless hours during the time when team facilities were shut down checking eBay to add to his collection.

Last month, Tucker actually flipped the script. Instead of buying shoes at auction, he sold them, auctioning off past game-worn playoff sneakers on the Houston Rockets' mobile app, as part of the team's efforts to provide relief to local Houston organizations impacted by the coronavirus.

In early April, he also launched an apparel capsule collection with The Better Generation, an upcoming Houston boutique, to raise money for the local Houston Food Bank and benefit community members in need.

Still, it's shopping that has been filling most of Tucker's time over the past four months...

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