1951 NBA All-Star recap

In the NBA's first All-Star Game, 'Easy' Ed Macauley scores 20 points to take home MVP honors for the victorious East.

EAST 111, WEST 94, at Boston Garden


MVP: Ed Macauley, Boston Celtics

Box score

The NBA’s first All-Star Game was held at the Boston Garden as a crowd of 10,094 fans packed it to watch “Easy” Ed Macauley of the hometown Celtics dominate.

Macauley finished with 20 points on 7-for-12 shooting en route to MVP honors as the East won easily, 111-94. Philadelphia’s combo of Paul Arizin (15 points) and Joe Fulks (19 points) was also solid for the East while Alex Groza of the Indianapolis Olympians paced the West with 17 points and 13 rebounds.

Bob Cousy of the East flirted with the All-Star Game’s first triple-double, finishing with eight points, eight assists and nine rebounds.

All-Star Game rosters

Eastern Conference

Ed Macauley (Boston Celtics)

Joe Fulks (Philadelphia Warriors)

Paul Arizin (Philadelphia Warriors)

Dolph Schayes (Syracuse Nationals)

Vince Boryla (New York Knicks)

Bob Cousy (Boston Celtics)

Red Rocha (Baltimore Bullets)

Dick McGuire (New York Knicks)

Andy Phillip (Philadelphia Warriors)

Harry Gallatin (New York Knicks)

Western Conference

Alex Groza (Indianapolis Olympians)

Frankie Brian (Tri-City Blackhawks)

Bob Davies (Rochester Royals)

George Mikan (Minneapolis Lakers)

Vern Mikkelsen (Minneapolis Lakers)

Fred Schaus (Ft. Wayne Pistons)

Dike Eddleman (Tri-City Blackhawks)

Ralph Beard (Indianapolis Olympians)

Jim Pollard (Minneapolis Lakers)

Larry Foust (Ft. Wayne Pistons)