Donovan Mitchell led Team USA with 16 points in a first-round win over the Czech Republic at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in China on Sept. 1.

Roundball Roundup: Donovan Mitchell reviews USA basketball and Dante Exum on NBL

Episode 1 previewing Jazz-36ers
by JP Chunga

The Utah Jazz Podcast Network debuts with Roundball Roundup.'s JP Chunga tells you what to expect. From interviews to long form storytelling, the network will take you inside the Jazz locker room and front office. Plus, you'll hear from Donovan Mitchell and Dante Exum from Media Day.

A rundown of the episode:

1:30 — What to expect from Roundball Roundup

4:25 — Donovan Mitchell says his offseason plans changed due to USA Basketball

7:00 — USA vs France

9:00 — Explaining the lobster instagram story

10:40 — How Mike Conley helps out

13:30 — Preseason expectations

17:00 — Dante Exum's describes the process of purchasing a stake in an NBL team

19:30 — USA vs Australia 

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