"You Have To Decompress" | Gobert And Conley Speak About What Could Have Been

After falling short of their ultimate goal, Rudy Gobert and Mike Conley met with the media postgame to discuss what went wrong for the season and where adjustments can be made moving forward

Before Utah tipped off with the Dallas Mavericks in game six on Thursday night, point guard Mike Conley was honest about his shooting struggles and his issues with seeing the ball go through the hoop.

A 15-year veteran, Conley knew that even if his shot wasn’t falling, there were multiple ways he could impact the game — and he did just so. 

While finding a rhythm offensively by finishing with 11 points, Conley also added eight assists and four rebounds, making a positive impact whenever he was on the court. 

“The season just ended and you have to decompress and look back at everything, but you can’t make excuses,” Conley said. “Would I have liked to perform better in the playoffs? Of course. I think that I was proud of the way we did handle ourselves throughout the year.”

While rumors will swell all offseason about the status of Rudy Gobert and whether or not he’ll remain with the organization, he was adamant an hour after the final buzzer sounded that Utah is his home and where he wants to be. 

A three-time defensive player of the year and three-time all-star, Gobert finished the season with a double of 10 points and 12 rebounds — capping off what was arguably his best season as a pro, particularly statistically. 

"No matter what, I'm always going to do my best to be the best Rudy I can be on and off the floor and to win," Gobert said. "The rest is out of my control."


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