Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets
Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Roundball Roundup: Bogey 'Game-Winning' Buckets + Skin Wade on Dallas

by JP Chunga

Bogey Buckets: 2 game-winners this season.

JP reviews the victory sealing shot and previews the week. Plus, Jeff “Skin” Wade of Fox Sports Southwest discusses comparisons between Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell + Quin Snyder and Rick Carlisle. 

A rundown of the episode:

0:05 — Small-ball Rockets create a fun game to watch

3:25 — Jordan Clarkson with 18 points across the third and fourth quarter

6:55 — Dame left it all on the floor

9:55 — Skin Wade on how he got into basketball

18:20 — “Luka Doncic is a transcendent player, but what does that mean”

23:35 — “I love watching the Jazz play”

32:55 — What a Jazz-Mavs playoff series might look like

37:55 — Getting some Heat before the All-Star break

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