The Note: Prepare for the 2019 NBA Draft with the Jazz VP of player personnel Walt Perrin

by Aaron Falk

There was one year that Walt Perrin decided to keep track of the number of basketball games he attended.

“I was so astonished by the number,” he says, “that I quit. I don’t do that anymore.”

Suffice it to say, Perrin, the Utah Jazz’s vice president of player personnel, works tirelessly each year to prepare for the NBA Draft. With draft night just a few days away, Perrin joined The Note podcast to discuss the scouting and pre-draft workout process, and to share his thoughts on this year’s class.

A rundown of the episode:

6:00 — When do draft preparations begin, and changes to league rules on events scouts can attend 

8:55 — What is the life of a scout like? How big is the Jazz’s scouting network? 

13:00 — How important are pre-draft workouts? The Jazz 100, the Stockton Drill, and things that make workouts in Utah unique.

19:00 — Memories of Donovan Mitchell’s and Rudy Gobert’s workouts

24:00 — Why Perrin thinks the prediction he once made for this year’s draft could be wrong, and what are the Jazz looking for in this draft

29:30 — What is the war room like on draft night?

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