Georges Niang's Drive & Dish with NBA broadcaster Doris Burke

The GOAT didn’t always feel great.

“I was a very shy kid,” Doris Burke says. “The only place I had confidence was in between the lines of a basketball court. … I fell into this business by divine providence.”

But over the course of her illustrious career, the NBA broadcaster has become an icon of the game.

On this week’s episode of the Drive & Dish podcast, Burke joins Georges Niang to discuss her recovery from COVID-19, her journey to broadcasting greatness, and her love for the game.

Hop in with the Minivan and enjoy.

A rundown of the episode: 


4:00 — March 11

9:45 — Moving forward

12:30 — Broadcast career

16:00 — The GOAT and a pioneer

20:00 — Ups and downs

22:30 — Favorite NBA spots

24:30 — Quarantine dream guests

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