Georges Niang's Drive & Dish: Jordan Clarkson shows off a new tattoo, talks fine wine, and shares thoughts on Utah

When the guys in the Utah Jazz locker room need a laugh, Georges Niang always quick with a joke.

“Sometimes during this hectic season, this hectic life, some people take themselves too seriously,” the Utah Jazz forward says. “I always like to lighten the mood.”

This, without question, is a hectic and serious time, as the entire world deals with the impact of COVID-19. But during this hectic and serious time, Niang hopes he can bring a little joy into the world.

George Niang’s Drive & Dish video podcast launches today and will feature the affable Jazz forward sharing plenty of laughs with his teammates and other guests.

Niang’s first guest is Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson, a laid-back tattoo enthusiast, amateur sommelier, and team-appointed leader of the “Good Vibe Tribe.”

“A lot of people haven’t really gotten to know Jordan from the inside,” Niang said. “I think it should be some great entertainment. I’m a funny guy. I’m laid back. So I can kind of peel back the shell on who people think some people are, and Jordan’s a person not many people know.”


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