Fans hire 9 cancer researchers

Thanks to Utah Jazz fans and other donors, 5 For The Fight has hired nine promising researchers who are early in their careers in the first cohort of 5 For The Fight Cancer Research Fellowship. These individuals are investing in new, innovative research directions and are poised to make major impacts in the fight against cancer. Adding to an established team in Ireland, this Fellowship brings the total number of 5 For The Fight researchers hired to 12.

To date, 5 For The Fight has raised more than $25 million. Those funds have fueled several efforts including 13 premier cancer research centers globally. The cause was started by Qualtrics and has spread across the world with donors and corporations in more than 50 countries and every US state. Funding for the fellowship program comes at a time when securing cancer laboratory grants is more challenging than ever and its thanks to thousands of donors who have participated in 5 For The Fight campaigns. Fellowships of this nature are rare, particularly for cancer researchers early in their careers.

“We started 5 For The Fight with a dream to change the game for cancer research,” said Ryan Smith, founder of Qualtrics and co-founder of 5For The Fight. “With $5 donations from all around the world—and some larger gifts from partner institutions and generous donors—we have been able to work with Huntsman Cancer Institute to launch this fellowship program to invest in top talent in the field of cancer research. We are so excited to see the amazing discoveries these researchers will make—both during their fellowship and in the many years ahead of them.”

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