Donovan Mitchell shares his pregame superstitions on Georges Niang's Drive & Dish

by Aaron Falk

Utah Jazz forward Georges Niang is back with another episode of the Drive & Dish video podcast. This week on the show, Niang chats with Jazz All-Star Donovan Mitchell about his COVID-19 diagnosis, his relationship with his family, his favorite drummers, plans for Spida’s next shoe release, and some of the guard’s game-day superstitions.

So jump in with the Minivan and enjoy the Drive & Dish.

Here's a rundown of this week's show:

1:00 — Being tested for COVID-19 and a health update 

“I could play a seven-game series right now if you needed me to. That’s what is scary. That should remind people that this shouldn’t be treated lightly. Don’t go outside. Not just for yourself, but for others.”

6:00 — Life in quarantine

“I’ve been watching a lot of old games. I just watched the Houston game. You miss moments. You miss the everyday stuff.” 

8:00 — Donovan’s secret hobbies

“So the drum set in your house isn’t just for show? You can actually use that?” Georges asks.

10:45 — Relationships with his mother and sister

“My mom sacrificed. She decided to make things better for us. She sacrificed. That’s really where the love comes from.” 

14:50 — Origin of the Spida nickname and NBA motivations

“I’m gonna be in the gym. I’m gonna be the first one in there and the last one to leave. … I hear a lot of guys who get paid and start to relax. I want to be different."

21:00 — Future plans for the Spida brand

“We’ve got a lot of things coming. It’s kind of tough right now because of the virus. Dates and everything are being pushed back. But I won’t confirm or deny that there’s another shoe."

22:30 — Game-day routine and superstitions 

“Dubble Bubble, if you’re watching this, hurry up and sponsor this guy. I’ve never seen someone chew on more gum before games than this character right here,” Georges says.

25:00 — Donovan’s advice to his younger self 

“Learn how to wash your own clothes. You don’t understand, that’s a long process.”

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