Getting To Know Shelvin Mack - Q&A

by Hayley Byrnes

With the Jazz taking on the Atlanta Hawks tonight, we thought there was no better time to sit down and get to know point guard Shelvin Mack a little better.

Even though you’re only a few weeks in, what have you learned so far from playing for the Utah Jazz?

Mainly how much of a team environment it is. It kind of has that college feel. With most pro teams not everyone is together all the time, but it's different here. It's very much a team vibe. It's been great to get out and play. 

You’ve obviously reunited with Gordon Hayward (the two played together in college at Butler). What’s your overall opinion on the way Gordon’s game has advanced since you two went your separate ways?

He's more aggressive. He's always been that way, but now he's more aggressive trying to make plays, and I think overall that has made him a better player.

Quin Snyder spent time with you in Atlanta as an assistant coach. What are your thoughts on him as a head coach so far? 

It's great. Quin's a player's coach. He understands that certain things on the court might be hard, but he's not going to tell you how to do it. He'll work with you and show you how to get it done. I think when your coach has played before and really understands what you're going through, it makes it easier for you. He's also a little bit more fired up, which is great.

Who has been the funniest teammate on the Jazz so far?

I have to say Rudy Gobert. The things he comes up with, the things he says, he surprises you. He's a funny dude.

Before you even had any indication you were headed to Utah, what were your thoughts on the Jazz as a team this season?

A great team with young talent. They reminded me of a young Oklahoma City Thunder with Kevin Durant and all those guys when they were young. They're always competing hard every day and trying to get better.

What’s been your initial impression of Jazz fans?

They've been great. They've welcomed me with open arms, and so far they've been really awesome.

You’ll face your old team the Hawks tonight at Vivint Smart Home Arena. What are your feelings towards the match? 

It's going to be fun competing against them. Jeff (Teague) is also one of my close friends, but at the end of the day it's just another game. You just gotta go out there and compete. It's not like I left them on bad terms, and I still talk to those guys a lot. 

Be honest—what do you really think about Gordon’s hairstyle?

It's kinda funny. He's getting a little swag now, although I'm still trying to figure out what kind of a haircut it is. Seeing his style develop over the years has been quite an experience. 

Across your social media you often hashtag and tweet “Think Positive.” Is this your personal mantra?  

It is. I think every day you get a new opportunity to do something great. You need to think positive to make great things happen. Just look at the situation in Atlanta—I stayed positive and I think it worked out in the end. The NBA is also about situations and being ready for when those opportunities come.

How do you feel about now playing in the Western Conference with the chance of perhaps meeting the Spurs or the Warriors in the playoffs?

It feels really good. The Western Conference has a lot of great guards. It's extremely competitive, and almost every guard is pretty much All-Star caliber. It's a great thing, and it’s an advantage to your game to help you to always be ready.

Jazz fans have already been tossing around catchphrases and nicknames for you. What’s your favorite of the following: Mack Attack, Return of the Mack, or Mack Daddy?

I'll have to say Mack Attack and Mack Daddy, those two for sure.




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