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Terry Rozier

That's What He Said - Bucks at Celtics (Game 1)

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston's NaN-NaN defeat to Milwaukee.

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RE: Terry Rozier

“Terry’s a stud. Terry is a hard-nosed guy, he’s a competitive guy. He’s got great ability. And you know, obviously, he made some huge, huge plays there for us. And the shot of the end of regulation, obviously, was the highlight of that.”

RE: Jayson Tatum’s maturity and poise in his first NBA playoff game

“Well I can say we expect it, because he’s shown it all year. So, you know, it’s one of those things – those guys lived a lot of what the playoffs are about today. So, the good news is, is they’ve got now a little bit of experience and know how hard it is, know how detailed you have to be to finish a team out, which we weren’t, obviously, at the end of regulation. And hopefully we’re better in that situation as the series goes on. But, it’s hard. It’s hard to win. And that’s what you learn in these games.”

RE: Al Horford’s efforts on both ends of the floor, dealing with Giannis Antetokounmpo

“We wanted to go – we wanted to post him. We wanted to make him play in the post, and make Giannis defend down there, and I thought Al did a good job. He earned all fourteen free-throw attempts, I know that, because he was – he was really, really working to get to the line and really working to get position early. And, you know, I thought Al battled. I thought everybody on both sides looked a little gassed at the end of overtime; I’m not sure anybody was more tired than Al, because he put in an incredible effort for us.”

RE: Surviving a rough stretch in the second quarter, including having a lot of turnovers

“That was part of our plan, to kind of lull them into a false sense of security, never attack the paint, just throw it to the other team and let them score whenever they want. We thought maybe that would wear them out. Turns out it didn’t look like a good plan, so we had to readjust, make those hard halftime adjustments, throw it to our team, and try to do what we did in the first quarter. You know, there wasn’t much adjustments, it was just like, we’ve got to do this, this, and this better. They turned it up on us in the second quarter and we were playing well up to that point, but not well enough.”

RE: Getting the team mentally “re-set” to start overtime after two emotional swings

“Well I think you can tell a lot from the fight on the tip, and you know we got the tip after two tips and running through the ball to get a loose ball, and that’s when I knew we were re-set. So, that’s when I knew we were re-set. So, you just get back out and play, you’re ready to play, and I thought our guys – you know, I knew they wouldn’t hang their head about it, they’re – sometimes I think they’re at their best when those things happen. You know? I think it’s just a really resilient group of kids. Not kids, men.”

RE: How much of an emphasis was it limiting Milwaukee’s shots and how were you able to?

“We understand that we are a defensive minded team and that’s what is going to give us the best chance to win. We just tried to limit them in transition points because we know they excel in that and we just tried as much as possible on the defensive end.”

RE: What did you learn in your first Playoff game with the ups and downs?

“It’s a long game and we understand that and both teams are playing extremely hard so it’s going to go down to the wire. That is what I really learned today, you can’t really take plays off because every possession matters.”

RE: Khris Middleton physical with you tonight, do you feel difference in level of defense physicality?

“Yeah, especially when you got three/four days to scout so everybody was really focusing on both sides. Nobody wants to lose, especially Game 1 so everybody was giving it their all.”

RE: Were you nervous before this game? What was it like playing in your first Playoff game?

“Nah I wasn’t nervous, I was excited, but I wasn’t nervous at all. It was a lot of fun, I’ve always dreamed of this moment playing in my first Playoff game. It helped we were at home and we had our home crowd behind us and we got the first win.”

RE: Take us through the last shot in regulation and did you think Giannis (Antetokounmpo) fouled you that last play?

“The last play in regulation; JT (Jayson Tatum) was coming off a stagger and that’s why I gave him the look and I kind of figured Bledsoe (Eric Bledsoe) would bite and it allowed me to make a move and get to my step back three. That was the option for me to shoot, there was the option for JT (Jayson Tatum) to come off or there was an option for Morris (Marcus) to slip to the basket, all three options and I went with mine. The foul on Giannis, there were a lot of tough calls tonight and I think they owed us that one.”

RE: Eric Bledsoe gave you a lot of area to shoot last shot, did you have a back-up plan if he didn’t?

“No. Once I was looking at the defense and I figured when you’re on defense and it’s the last shot all you’re thinking about is where the offensive guy is looking and I know they were trying to take that away so I figured he (Bledsoe) was going to bite on that so whether he bit or not I was going to take the shot.”

RE: What has this process been like for you being first Playoff start?

"It’s been amazing. This is my third time in the league, third time in the Playoffs and it just keeps getting better. It’s unfortunate what happened to our teammates throughout the whole year, but we still got each other and we still got to fight, still got to win. I just love playing with these guys and they just give me all the confidence in the world, but this year is probably the best one plus I’m starting so it’s like a dream.”

RE: Brad Stevens put you back in with 8:00 to go in the 4th quarter did you know you weren’t coming back out?

“I’m glad I was able to come in early in the 4th, the way the game was going I really wanted to be in there so I was glad that I was able to go in and finish the game out.”

RE: Resiliency of this team able to bounce back after last shot to end regulation

“That’s tough because I thought it was over. Everybody always says play to the last second and everything, but half a second I figured we were good. As soon as he shot it I was like oh that’s good, I just had a feeling. He hit it and we had to refocus and our guys we did that and just kept on grinding it out.”

RE: Marcus Morris huge boost, will you need that from him consistently?

“No question. He brings toughness to our group, he brings that grit and we fed off of that and the crowd fed off of it and it was great.”

RE: Attacking the basket

“We were trying to get me in post-op situations, they did a good job fronting and making it difficult for me to get the ball and the way that they were playing me it’s forcing me to be closer to the basket, which is fine with me. I’m just trying to find ways to be efficient and help the team.”

RE: Today’s game

“Obviously, hard fought game by both teams. There were tough shots being made by individuals and both teams in terms of hustle plays, 50/50 balls, getting on the floor all the way from the beginning to the end. Hard fought game which you would expect in playoff basketball.”

RE: Eric (Bledsoe) seemed to struggle tonight, what do you need to see from him in the rest of the series that you didn’t see tonight

“I think the foul trouble kept it to bursts of minutes instead of longer stretches. He picked up the second which was fine, he’s still going to keep playing. Then he came in, in terms of when he had his fourth, picked up the fifth pretty quickly. Just being consistent out there on the floor. From him we need him to be aggressive. When we say that, it doesn’t mean you’re shooting all the time. I thought even the base line jumper pull-up was a good shot. He was in the corner for the three, pump fake, one dribble, pull-up. That’s a good look, but again it’s more of the aggressiveness to get in to the paint to make plays for not only for himself but for others. I want to see that defensively. He’s kind of the head of our snake in terms of the pressure he can put on our opponents. We’re going to need to see some of that, too.”

RE: Just talk about the ups and downs of the game

“Obviously, we talk about this a lot, 48-minute game, in tonight’s case 53, but both teams are going to keep fighting. Both teams are going to scrap. I thought there was a lot of loose balls or 50/50s or deflections that they might have come up with that if we get maybe it’s a different possession. There was one, Khris (Middleton) had a great deflection where we couldn’t pick up where the ball had gone, didn’t secure that one. In a couple instances they ended up shooting 11 for 26 from three. (Terry) Rozier hit a couple of big threes and some of them were from the plays where if we can secure the ball then it’s a different story.”

RE: Offensive rebounds were 11-5, those ray bans were able to get some big ones in the fourth, do you attribute those to the lucky bounce or its positioning there

“It’s a mix of both in some cases, but at the end of the day those are also 50/50s in certain ways. In terms of being able to hit guys and chase them down you have to get the dirty rebounds. One in particular, that stood out that we didn’t get, there were a couple of guys battling in the paint and a couple guys battling on the perimeter and (the Celtics) just hustled for it. We had hustle plays too, I don’t want to take that out of context. We played well and we played hard and that’s what this series is going to be: both teams fighting. Each little play will matter. The offensive rebounds that their getting, we got to try to limit those. Deflections when we get them, got to try and pick up those 50/50 balls. Then, conversely taking care of the ball. In the first quarter, eight turn overs is too many. For the rest of the game, for the most part, we did a better job taking care of it.”

RE: The shot that Khris Middleton hit to send it to OT, how many progressions had Giannis (Atentokuonmpo) come through before he threw the pass, how much is that something you worked on or winging it at this point

“We’ve worked on plays at the end of the game, obviously throughout the season. In particular, here because of the things that Boston will do defensively. He had gone through two, in terms of the progressions he looked at, but at the end of the day we had a couple of things in mind that we needed to look at because of what their defenses are. We went with what we thought was the best. Khris (Middleton) ended up popping to an area that he ended up getting a wide-open look. Great shot by him. Good poise by Giannis (Atentokuonmpo) to be able to inbound the ball. In some ways fortunate. At the end of the day, we were able to get a look with a very short time on the clock.”

RE: What was your view with that sixth foul in overtime?

“I don’t think that was a foul, I grabbed the ball, but the refs said that I grabbed his hands. I just got to live with that call and just move forward because that’s what players do. Hopefully next time I can knock down the free throw and not get into that situation.”

RE: What stands out to you guys to tonight’s game….missed plays/missed opportunities?

“Turnovers and rebounding. We got to take care of the ball in Game 2 and hopefully we can because when we have the ball we are real dangerous. We can run and do a lot of things so hopefully in Game 2 we can run the ball too.”

RE: What did you see on that final play in regulation giving ball to Khris Middleton?

“First of all before the timeout I asked Khris if he wanted the ball and he said yes, give me the ball. I was looking at Tony (Snell), he was wide open under the rim, then I looked at Bledsoe (Eric), then I looked at Khris again and he was far away so I thought I can’t give him the ball it’s too far. But I didn’t’ have an option, I gave the ball to Khris and thank god he knocked the shot down.”

RE: Timeout leading up to the 35 ft in regulation…take us through that

“That is a play that we have been practicing for a couple weeks now preparing for that moment. I actually flipped the side of the ball that we were using running in practice on. Just got a good look, just tried to get open and at that point it was a catch and shoot situation and I said if I just get in my hands I’ll just let it go and somehow it dropped in for me.”

RE: What stands out to you guys to tonight’s game….missed plays/missed opportunities?

“I think one is the turnovers, too many turnovers, I think we had 20 of them. That’s not getting the shot up. We feel like if we get a shot up we will be good with our shots, we get great shots every time down the floor; Giannis and those other guys trusting that they are going to knock down the shot. Also the second chance points rebounding late in the game we fell short of that. We had a couple that just we didn’t grab and it ended up biting us.”

RE: What type of pace are you looking to play with offensively?

“Just a fast pace. When we have a faster pace it opens things up for Giannis. We don’t want to get into a slow grind, that’s not our game and it hasn’t all season long. Once we get stops and we rebound we are a dangerous team, we got so many weapons, we can hurt other teams in transition.”

RE: How do you build back confidence after just three games since returning from injury

“Rely on my teammates. They trust me to make the shots, and pass to me so I can knock it in.”

RE: What’s the range of emotions like as you head into OT

“For me personally, I tried to stay even kill. My shot, Khris (Middleton)’s shot, (Terry) Rozier’s shot, I try not to let any of that affect me. I think Khris’s shot was most noteworthy since it pushed us into OT. That was a bit more of a high. The moral of the story is we didn’t pull this one out. Got to get the next one.”

RE: With a game that close are there any moments you want back thinking about it now

“Of course. The turn overs that we shouldn’t have had, and maybe a few forced plays and poor shots. It’s all in the rhythm of the game. A lot of that stuff happens naturally. But, specifically thinking about it, I think it’s rebounding.”

RE: His performance today

“Even though I didn’t play well, I thought I did a great job on the defensive end, except for the last play before regulation.”

RE: Did the physicality on defense disrupt your rhythm in the game

“No, I’m a physical player. I’ve got to stop fouling, but I got to let the player know I am here. At the same time, (the Celtics) did a great job of playing physical as well. I thought it was a great game.”

RE: What’s going to be key to eliminating opportunities to let the ball go the other way

“Be more aggressive, that’s the biggest key. We need to be more aggressive and attack the paint. It’s basketball, we’re still going to turn the ball over. We still had numerous chances to win this game. We could’ve got a couple more rebounds and been up a few more points. Turn overs are going to happen.”

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