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Mobile Ticketing Guide

Mobile ticketing has never been easier! Learn how to manage your tickets via the Celtics App and Account Manager.

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Access Tickets

Select your device then follow the steps below to access your tickets.

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Transfer Tickets

Select your device then follow the steps below to transfer your tickets.

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Accept Tickets

Select your device then follow the steps below to accept your tickets.

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I forgot my password. What do I do?

Visit on your phone internet browser and click “Sign In” in the top right corner. Once the login page loads, select “Forgot Password” and choose if you would like the reset verification code sent via email or text message. Password resets cannot be done through the mobile app.

How do I get the Celtics mobile app?

You can download the team app for free via the App Store and Google Play.

How do I access my tickets in the Celtics app?

Open the Celtics app, tap “Tickets” followed by 'Access Your Tickets'. Enter your Celtics Account Manager login information. This will be the email address and password used for the initial purchase or transfer acceptance of tickets.

What if I do not have a smartphone or it is dead, lost, or broken on a gameday?

If you do not have a smartphone or it is dead or broken, you will need to visit the TD Garden Box Office, located on the East side of the North Station level concourse. Please visit the windows labeled Celtics Customer Service and have a valid ID for the name on the account.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same phone?

Yes. Once you tap on your game, you will be able to swipe to view all available tickets. All members of your party must enter at the same time. If all members aren't present, you can transfer ticket(s) so your guests can scan in on their phone.

Can I print a PDF of my tickets?

No. The PDF ticket was discontinued prior to the 2017-18 season. You can access your ticket(s) on your phone for entry into TD Garden via the Celtics app or by going to on your phone Internet browser.

Why are the Boston Celtics moving to mobile ticketing?

The Boston Celtics have joined the growing number of professional sports teams using mobile tickets as the preferred delivery option. Mobile entry is the easiest and safest way to access tickets to your event(s), providing flexibility to manage your ticket(s), quick entry, and increased security protection against fraudulent tickets.

Where can I access my TD Garden parking pass?

Season Ticket Member parking is available in the Celtics Account Manager. Parking purchased through Ticketmaster will be available in the Ticketmaster app or the TD Garden Hub app.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket for entry?

No. Screenshots of tickets are not a valid method of entry. If you are the recipient of a screenshot, contact the source of the ticket and request that the ticket(s) be transferred to you.

My ticket seems to have animated elements to them. Is that supposed to happen?

Yes, with our new SafeTix technology, tickets feature animations which help us verify that the ticket is valid and only the ticket holder of record is allowed entry.

Linking Accounts

Why does Account Manager ask me to link my Ticketmaster account? Are they the same?

Ticketmaster’s new consolidated accounts system allows you to use the same password for all ticketing platforms that Ticketmaster operates. For example, if you have a Celtics account, Bruin's account, and Ticketmaster account, the same password will now be used for all three sites.

Can I access my Celtics tickets through my Ticketmaster app?

Yes, you can access your tickets through the Ticketmaster app if you purchased directly through Ticketmaster or, our official resale marketplace. If you are a Season Ticket Member or had tickets transferred to you from one, your tickets will only be accessible via the Celtics app or by visiting

Why does Account Manager ask me to link to an existing resale account?

Celtics Account Manager is linked to Ticketmaster as you can sell your seats through the Ticketmaster resale market. If you have not used this feature before, Ticketmaster requires you to verify your account. A verification code will be sent to your email on file and you will be asked to enter the code in a pop-up box when you sign into Account Manager. If you do not receive the code, simply hit 'Resend Email.'

Transferring Tickets

How do I give tickets to family, friends, clients, or employees?

All you need is your guest’s name and email. Log into your account, select the desired game, and choose the transfer option to go through the steps. Please note that screenshots are not valid.

Will the person I am transferring my tickets to need to create an account?

Yes, the recipient will need to create a Celtics account if they do not already have one. They will use their email and password as their future login credentials to view and use their tickets

Can I recall my tickets if I sent to the incorrect email address or no longer wish to transfer them?

If the recipient has not accepted the tickets, you can cancel a transfer and resend to the preferred email address. Simply log into your Celtics account, go to that specific game, and click “Cancel Transfer.

The recipient accepted my tickets but can no longer attend. How do I get them back into my account?

If your guest has already accepted the tickets, he or she will need to transfer the ticket(s) back to you. Once you accept the ticket(s), they will then be loaded back into your account and available to manage

What happens if my entire group is not with me when I am ready to enter?

You will need to enter with all members of your party at the same time. If all members are not present, you can transfer ticket(s) to those persons and they can scan in on their smartphone

Can I transfer tickets to someone that does not have a smartphone?

A smartphone is needed to view and access tickets. Please contact your Account Executive or Member Experience Executive for further assistance

Can I bulk transfer tickets?

Yes, you can send multiple tickets to the same recipient via Celtics Account Manager. Please note that this function is only available on a web browser and cannot be done via the Celtics app.

Receiving a Transfer

Can I receive a Celtics ticket transfer if I do not have an account set up?

Yes, but you will be prompted to create one when accepting the ticket transfer. Once you have accepted the tickets, we recommend downloading the official Celtics mobile app to access your tickets.

How do I accept tickets that someone has sent to me?

You will receive a transfer offer email with a button to “Accept tickets”. Select that button and you will be taken to Account Manager to accept tickets. Please see our video guide for step-by-step instructions.

I have already accepted the transfer offer, but now when I select the accept button in the email, I get an error message. Are my tickets no longer available?

This error message is because you already accepted the tickets and therefore cannot accept them again. Simply log into your account with the email you accepted the tickets with, go to “Manage My Tickets” and your seats will be there.

Can I scan into a Celtics game if I do not have the Celtics mobile app?

Yes, visit on your phone Internet browser and enter your ticket login information to view your tickets.

Selling Tickets

I posted my tickets for sale. How do I edit the price?

Login to your account via to access your tickets. Click into the game you are adjusting, and you should see “edit or cancel posting”. By editing the posting your price will be adjusted.

How do I cancel a ticket posting?

You can remove your tickets from the resale marketplace as long as the tickets haven’t been sold. In the Celtics app, go to the ticket(s) you want to remove and select “Cancel Posting.”

I’m receiving an error when attempting to edit/cancel my post, what’s happening?

This error could mean that someone is currently in the process of purchasing your tickets. Please wait 30 minutes and try again. If you still receive an error, contact your Member Experience Executive or Ticketmaster Resale Support at 800-927-2770

How will I know if my tickets have successfully sold?

Once your tickets successfully sell you will receive an email confirmation from Ticketmaster directly.

When will I receive payment for my tickets?

Direct deposit payouts will be processed 7 - 10 business days after the sale occurs. If electing seller credit, monies will be applied to the 2023-24 season only, not the current season.

What are my payout options?

When you post your tickets for resale, you’ll have the option to select either direct deposit or seller credit. Direct deposit money is issued to your bank account 7-10 business days after the resold game is played. Seller credit will be issued to the Celtics and applied to your Season Ticket Membership account. Seller credit can only be applied to future purchases and can never be used to pay for tickets in the same season in which the seller credit was accrued.

If I choose seller credit, will that money automatically cover any upcoming payments?

No. Seller credit is only applied to your Season Ticket payment plan at two points during the year:

  • Any credit from games sold through January is applied to your renewal invoice for the following season.
  • Any credit from games sold from February - end of Playoffs will be applied to your Season Ticket payment plan after the postseason.

How do I find a record of my sold listings?

You can view the status of your pending and sold listings via Account Manager by taking the following steps:

  • Log into
  • Click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner and select “Ticket Exchange”
  • You will be re-directed to Ticketmaster where you may have to log in again (since the platforms have merged you will use the same password as your Celtics account)
  • Once logged in, click on “Ticket Listings” on left hand side
  • Click on “Pending and Sold Listings”

If you don't see any information you may have to link accounts, which is a fairly simple process. Just click on “Link Accounts”, on the left hand side, enter your email address, and you will receive a verification code to input.

1099 Common Questions

Why is Ticketmaster requesting “seller tax details” from me?

To ensure compliance with applicable federal and state tax reporting laws, Ticketmaster collects taxpayer information starting with your first completed sale. Reporting requirements may differ in some states. You can submit your taxpayer info at

Why am I receiving a Form 1099-K from Ticketmaster?

As of 2020, The IRS and some state taxing authorities may require Ticketmaster to report the amounts you receive for selling or reselling tickets on our Ticketmaster marketplaces. Ticketmaster is generally required to file a Form 1099-K report with the IRS if the gross amount of your transactions on our marketplaces is $600 or more in a calendar year. You can submit your taxpayer info at

I've sold less than $600 worth of games. Do I still need to provide my “seller tax details”?

Yes. To ensure compliance with applicable federal and state tax reporting laws, Ticketmaster collects taxpayer information starting with your first completed sale even if that sale does not meet the $600 threshold. If you ultimately do not reach the threshold in a year, you will not receive a Form 1099-K from Ticketmaster. Reporting requirements may differ in some states. You can submit your taxpayer info at

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