Jayson Tatum Wowed To Be Subject of Kobe's Latest 'Detail' Episode

CLEVELAND – Kobe Bryant’s latest “Detail” episode for ESPN+ was on Celtics rookie wing Jayson Tatum. The latest installment of the video series, in which Bryant breaks down film of playoff games, has been watched by many members of the basketball community, including Tatum himself.

Many, many times.

Tatum revealed at Saturday morning’s shootaround ahead of Game 3 against the Cavaliers that he has watched the latest episode “like 25 times already,” and for good reason.

Tatum said that he learned things from that brief video that he otherwise would have never thought about.

“I really noticed he was talking about one of my drives,” Tatum said, “where my foot was pointed towards halfcourt instead of going to the basket.”

Tatum was asked if anyone else had pointed that out to him, and he seemed to acknowledge that no one had before answering, “It was just something he noticed. It made a lot of sense when he pointed it out.”

Much like when Bryant broke down film of another promising rookie, Utah’s Donovan Mitchell, earlier this postseason, his latest study subject was wowed by the fact that the future Hall-of-Famer and five-time champ took the time to study his game.

“That was really cool for me,” Tatum said with a big grin. “Growing up, that was my favorite player. That was really a special moment for me.”

Tatum will have an immediate opportunity to put his lessons learned from Bryant to the task tonight. Game 3 between the Celtics and the Cavaliers tips off at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.


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